Muslim Mona Eltahawy Sanctimoniously Sickened by Celebrations at Ground Zero Mosque and Memorial

Mona Eltahawy writing at the Guardian says she is a Muslim and after Obama’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, took a candle and with another Muslim friend went to Ground Zero. She was shocked to find many gathered outside the planned Ground Zero mosque site, although she said it was an Islamic Center (but it was a Mosque before it was an Islamic Center). She was also shocked to find “hundreds” at Ground Zero, which she termed “hallowed ground” in quotation marks. Eltahawy took umbrage that many of those there were too young to remember much about September 11, 2001 – “an away victory they hadn’t attended.” The “frat party” “sickened” her when they chanted “USA! USA!” Her sensibilities were offended that she also heard the “F” word in relation to OBL. She could find only one other woman holding a candle.

Mona Eltahawy

Mona said she came to the U.S. one year before the Towers fell, and she became an American “as of Friday.” In light of that, I note she wanted to stand a quiet vigil for the dead. Perhaps Ms. Eltahawy needs to remember New Yorkers have already stood those solemn vigils – for ten long years. They’ve burned the candle at both ends. They and we are tired and a night of celebration set just the right tone on American sacred hallowed ground.

I wanted to shout on Monday; but this new American instead quietly recited Al Fatiha, the opening chapter of the Qur’an, with “USA, USA USA” as my backdrop. I recited it for the innocent lives taken in NYC, Washington DC, Shanksville in Pennsylvania, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan –

Well, isn’t that inspiring! How comforting for the thousands of family members left behind to grieve, as no Muslim country has really given the U.S. any significant help in tracking down terrorists, especially bin Laden. She wants the “frat boys” to go home (many probably children and grandchildren of the dead) so that we can get on with the noble “revolutions going on in the Middle East and North Africa” – because, they “symbolically killed Bin Laden months ago?” Inane and disingenuous at the least. I assume that means sending more money, more of America’s bravest to die for a people imprisoned by their own holy book.

This sanctimonious woman says dozens are “courageously staring down despots and being slaughtered every day.” That would be the “rebels” who it was lovely to support for a few minutes until you realized that the Koran would dominate, so why bother. Mona, if you want to make your point well, tell us that the despots are Muslim tyrants, gaining their power through Shariah Law and the Koran. Get real about it and maybe you will earn a spot in the Guardian. Stacy McCain got a load of Eltahawy and a certain oath came to mind.


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  • Ran

    Mona seems oblivious to the fact that UBL hated and murdered Westernized “moderate” femino-mohammedans such as she. She may want to dig a bit further into her kuran for “inspiration.”

    • Ran, I saw one of her tweets today accusing conservatives talking about her article as ignorant of “nuance.”

      • Ran

        Maggie, Thanks – ‘Tis clear she’s ignorant of incredulity. No-one for a second buys her apparent “sorrow” over the thousands lost at New York. Further she confuses nuance with cognitive dissonance. Mona wasn’t feeling loss, she was more than likely feeling defeated. I don’t really give a sweet ! if she’s lying to herself or practicing taqia.

    • Pavel Omar

      I assume UBL should be OBL. Be that as it may, yes OBL was a sick and depraved monster in the worst sense of the word. We as a nation have served justice upon him.
      However, for some us to sink to the level of acting like rabid dogs celebrating his spilled blood contradicts everything our society has been about and we can only hope will continue to be.
      We as a nation, have led the world on a path following the highest moral ground and as citizens we should act in a manner that respects everything our forefathers represented and those who have fought and died to carry their principles into our times.
      God Bless America and let’s forgive the unprincipled souls among us who in their ignorance and callousness, unwittingly corrupt our noble standards.

  • She may have legally become a US citizen but she has yet to become an American.

    • Jim, how arrogant can she be, Muslim or otherwise, to criticize jubilance over the most sought after terrorist who changed our Nation from anything she, as a migrant, even has a clue about? While she wanted to quietly reflect, she should have stayed home, or gone to GZ and kept her mouth shut.

      The American spirit has apparently not revealed itself to her over the past 10 years.

  • I became familiar with her when she came to OU last year to teach a class or activism or social media or something like that. She and I tweeted back and forth back then and she was not nice. Attitude, if you know what I mean.

    A little bit ago she tweeted she was surprised her article was being talked about on the conservative blogs:

    “My Ground Zero column keeps coming up on conservative/right-wing blogs. I didn’t realise they read the Guardian. Who knew?!”

    There’s that attitude for you.

    • Ran

      If only Mona knew that we typically dodge the Guardian – especially since (the Guardian’s) Robert Fisk’s name became synonymous with journalistic malpractice over a decade ago.

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  • She’s apparently showing us some insight into a certain mindset?

    • Matt, we keep seeing these people for who they are, but not many “get it!”

  • Why should she be surprised? She comes from a culture that celebrated the destruction of the towers.

  • Amazing how a few candid, arrogant, and clueless words from an educated, “moderate” young Muslim woman can do so much to demolish a worldview that holds there is “no irreconcilable difference” between the West and Islam.

    And she’s a legal citizen, no less. Can anyone imagine a recent US citizen from Germany being saddened by the V-E celebrations? This lady needs to pick up and move to a sympathetic Muslim country–may I recommend al-England?

    • JewishOdysseus, it simply means that we must not accept “moderate” Islam,” because there is no such thing. We can accept those who appear to be moderate in thought and word, but until they are challenged by their Imam, we will never really know. They have one holy book, and…it is their holy book. There’s no other way to look at it.

      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  • sablegsd

    I could care less what some muslim new citizen thinks. In fact, if I had my way she would never have been allowed to come here. Why are you here? I don’t see you wearing a black horse blanket to cover your sin of being female. Perhaps islam isn’t such a sweet deal after all, huh mona?

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