Michele Bachmann Compares Herself to Barack Obama, Not Sarah Palin

Michele Bachmann’s comments this weekend are another example of the savvy, straight-talking, right-thinking of the Congresswoman. Bachmann was asked about Sarah Palin as a rival, but quickly turned that around and said Sarah Palin is “a friend,” and both of them should be compared to Barack Obama:

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann

Daily Caller:

Bachmann explained she didn’t view the former Alaska governor as a rival. But instead, she argued she should be compared to President Barack Obama.

“Well again, I compare myself to Barack Obama,” Bachmann said. “Not to any of the other Republican candidates. First of all, I want to say I like Sarah Palin a lot. We’re friends. And I don’t consider her a competitor. I consider her a friend. But my comparison ultimately is to Barack Obama. I created a successful company. I’m a tax litigation attorney. I raised 28 children in my home. I have a number of wide experiences that I bring to the table. And that’s my comparison.”

This is a good lesson for Republicans: the comparison should always be  to Obama and his disgraceful record.

George Stephanoupolous and Michele Bachmann on Sarah Palin Rivalry (video)