Life Magazine on Israel in 1967

Israel and their previous borders have been a topic of great interest and angst for the past couple of weeks. We know the Progressive line that Israel is an occupier, but did you know that as late as 1967 the American viewpoint, as plainly expressed by Life Magazine, was much, much different? And we know this because Bookworm Room has copies of her Mother’s old Life Magazines, which confirms the knowledge that 1) Arabs urged Arabs to leave the area, that 2) Israel didn’t have a prayer for survival, that 3) Gaza was a “festering splinter,” that 4) there was abundant land for Arabs in Syria and Jordan, that 5) refugees not solving the “refugee problem” was about money, and 6) the Soviets had a hand in it all. I hope you will read this bit of important history as documented by Life Magazine and found by Bookworm in her Mother’s belongings.

Note: the Life cover shown here may or may not be the same issue as quoted Bookworm Room.

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