Kevin Jennings GLSEN Founder Leaves Obama Admin

What a shame we couldn’t get this man out of the White House based on who he is and what he has done. Nevertheless, Obama’s Safe Schools and Drug-Free Schools Czar is leaving. I can’t find anything leading me to believe our schools are safer, or that there are fewer bullies or drugs in America’s schools as a result of his service to our country. Jennings is a former teacher, a gay man, at best, is ambivalent of, and at worst, is approving of pedophilia. The more appropriate name for his position within Obamaland is Safe Sex Czar. He’s leaving to be the CEO of a non-profit, Be the Change, Inc., replacing founder Alan Khazei. Jennings will still have exposure to many of your children as Be the Change, Inc. works closely with AmeriCorps.

Kevin Jennings

I know news about Jennings is old news, but still many people would not believe Obama would place a person like Jennings over the safety of school children. By reiterating, maybe someone will be reminded or informed, as Jennings goes forth to foist his agenda on a non-profit, probably

Jennings is the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which began as the Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teachers Education Network. That’s right, he organized Gay and Lesbian Teachers and turned the huge organization into GLSEN. Jennings promotes homosexuality in schools. He recommends condoms to 15 year olds in gay relationships, and he helped cover-up the rape of one of his 15-year-old male students by an older man.

Most egregious, perhaps, is his “recommended reading list” for public schools, which the American Federation of Teachers supported, with titles like these: Queer 13In Your FaceMama’s Boy, Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth Preacher’s Son, Revolutionary Voices and  Reflections of a Rock Lobster. You can see what is in these books here and it will shock you – and you should be duly shocked that the America Federation of Teachers thinks these books are okay for our kids.

Jennings wrote the forward for a book titled Queering Elementary Education. Your kids are targeted in elementary school.

Fire Andrea Mitchel/Stop the Leftist Propaganda Machine has other intriguing titles credited as “Kevin Jennings Greatest Hits.” If you care about your schools, don’t miss them – especially the last one:

Hid pedophilia from authorities

Inspired by NAMBLA founder Harry Hay

Promoted fisting to 14 year olds


No Dookie on Your Noodle

Click the Fire Andrea Mitchell link above.

  • I wouldn’t recommend taking too close a look at the box he empties the contents of his desk into.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • That he continued in his post after the exposure of his recommended reading list speaks volumes.

  • What caught my eye right off the bat was:

    “Safe Schools and Drug-Free Schools Czar”

    How many czars do we have? What’s next? Safe Schools and Drug Free Schools for Female Hispanic Student in Grades 4 Through 6 Czar?

  • Disappointment reigns. When I saw your headline, I had hoped Jennings left the administration to enter directly into a federal penitentiary.

  • Well, America, you were warned…

    Over two years ago, I wrote an extensive article on Jennings for the blog “GRAND RANTS” which you can see here:

    And then again here on December 15th 2009:

    Nobody in the Main Stream Media wanted to acknowledge that… they were still sucking from the Obama Teet as it were.

    But just like Van Jones, do NOT think that Jennings is REALLY gone from the administration. His influence, much of which is sinspired by the founder of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), will live on in our school systems since the “progressive Stepford Dumbocrats” see this as a positive goal. I wonder if those same progressives approve of NAMBLA’s credo from back in the ’80s: “SEX BEFORE EIGHT OR ELSE IT’S TOO LATE.”

    Yep, Barry Hussein Obama just continues to surround himself with experts, doesn’t he?