Joplin Missouri Tornado – Multiple Fatalities Video: Multi-Vortex Joplin Tornado Hospital Damaged Video

This is terrible. Joplin, Missouri, just up the ‘pike’ from Tulsa, has been hit by a “multi-vortex” tornado. The newsman doesn’t know what to say. I’m hearing damage is located at Maiden Lane right at the hospital and the hospital has destruction as well. Now a local station says 24 89 90 116 117 122 124 125 are dead, and the missing list is down to 232 but this is not confirmed. Prayers please for the people of Joplin. More as details are available. Second video added below.


UPDATE 5-26-11 @ 6:25 pm CDT: The list of missing persons is now reported down from 1500 to 232. That list will be provided to the public today according to this report.

“On that list there are individuals that we are working directly with their family members to identify and notify their loved ones that … are deceased,” Spillars said.

“There are also individuals on that list that we have not accounted for, so we’re asking for your help and the public’s help to account for those individuals,” she said.

UPDATE 5-25-11 @ 10 am CDT: An 8-year-old Joplin child was found alive in wreckage yesterday:

Rescue workers found an 8 year-old boy this afternoon in the Joplin wreckage. He was airlifted to Kansas City. The local officials said he had shingles from his roof wedged in his abdomen and a bad cut on the back of his head. His mother and sister did not make it. Text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.  Thanks to Right Win News Watch

The Joplin tornado has now been categorized as an F-5. Take a look at this photo and think of the massive job of trying to find your personal possession.

UPDATE 5-25-11 @ 12:40 am CDT: 1500 person are reported missing in Joplin. the death toll is now 124 with 750 injured. Only 9 persons have been pulled alive from the wreckage. Heavy storms and a supercell were expected in Joplin last night (Tuesday) about 10 pm, but no information about those storms or their affects.

UPDATE 5-24-11 @ 9:24 am CDT: The Joplin City Manager is reporting that at 10:30 am today, Joplin’s 9 sirens will wail. They must be tested and repaired if necessary before the next round of storms.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 11:30 pm: Twenty-two Oklahoma natives are student-athletes at Missouri Southern. None were killed, injured or are missing.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 11:30 pm: St. John Hospital records are missing.

The storm scattered St. John’s medical records. The hospital is asking anyone who finds records or information related to patient care to hold on to them until the hospital devises a collection system.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 6:50 pm: Shep Smith of Fox News just reported that the death toll is now at 116 and one-third of the town is demolished (the south end). With the 115th death, this tornade moved Joplin into the history books, making it America’s deadliest single tornado in 64 years.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 3:10 pm: Missouri Governor Nixon is on Fox this moment. He is reporting 6 rescues today, and weather worsening. Joplin is expected to have rough weather for the next couple of days. The tornado was 1/2 mile wide. Reports say that 75% of the town was leveled, and another puts it at 50%. It is confirmed that 2000 buildings are destroyed.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 9:10am: More storm warning in the area of Joplin now and the area includes my town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is raining in Joplin and has forced many emergency workers to stop looking for victims. Yesterday here in Tulsa, the weather was really odd. Our heat index was reported at 95%.

UPDATE 5-23-11 @ 9:00am: The report of deaths has increased to 89 with more expected. According to Governor Nixon, 2,000 buildings are destroyed. The tornado formed/developed right at the area of St. John’s hospital and the downtown area of the city.

17 cell towers have been “smashed,” so please look below for a RedCross internet address that can be called to report that you are safe.

UPDATE to stay on top: Cell phone service is reported to be spotty. This tweet from RedCross:

RedCross American Red Cross

You can report yourself Safe and Well or search for loved ones at
UPDATE 10pm – this urgent call to stay on top: This urgent tweet for help at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin:

E Ariel Suarez

@ElcubanitoKCE Ariel Suarez
Urgent help needed at MO Southern State U : 3950 Newman Road, Joplin, MO

UPDATE 11:25PM CDT: This article is confirming 24 deaths at 10:06pm. (Monday update about 10:45 am CDT – the death toll is not 90.)

UPDATE: 10:05pm CDT:

Sarah Smith-Frigerio

@ssfrigerioSarah Smith-Frigerio @jenleereeves Reports say that damage in #JoplinTornado ranges from 7th to 26th street, from Maiden Lane to MSSU and I-44 shut down.

UPDATE: 9:51 pm CDT: Another from Yokley just two minutes ago 9:51pm CDT:


Visited a triage – busy scene. Nursew from all over headed in. You would not believe the pics on the ground.

UPDATE 9:50pm CDT: This tweet from Yokley about a hour ago:


Joplin south pf 7th on rangeline is flat. St Johns hospital on fire. Indescribable scene on the ground.
UPDATE 9:45 pm CDT: Missouri blogger Clay Bowler at Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom has just left a comment saying this (another link to Clay):

Eli Yokley from PoliticMO reports the hospital is now on fire.

UPDATE 9:37pm CDT: I still see calls for medical professionals and a need for blankets and other supplies.

Original update: NBC:

A major tornado caused massive damage in Joplin, Mo. Sunday afternoon, leveling buildings, killing dozens and causing massive damage to many standing structures.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, at least 24 people have died from the tornado.

The tornado caused widespread damage to the city when it struck the town around 6 p.m.

St. John’s Regional Medical Center sustained major damage.There were reports of fires throughout the building and fears of an explosion occuring due to broken gas lines.

Many busineses were destroyed and power lines are down throughout the city.

UPDATE: This photo is allegedly of damage to a Joplin Wal-Mart. I don’t know the address and there are surely several Wal-Marts in the city.

New info on Wal-Mart and Home Depot:

“The Home Depot is leveled,” Miller said. “The Wal-Mart is destroyed. Gas stations, buildings. Everywhere I could see was either heavily damaged or completely destroyed.”

Miller said he saw search and rescue people in the Home Depot pulling people out of the wreckage. The roofs of two city fire stations collapsed.



Via a tweet, a nursing home is reported destroyed at 26th & Jackson.
Via a tweet:
@KnlarkinKelly Larkin
I heard a little earlier, on Jasper County Police Scanner, a command post was being set up at 26th & Connecticut n Joplin, MO

Joplin, Missouri areas devastated by Multi-Vortex Tornado (video)

Video source:

This second video is of people huddled at a fastrip on east 20th Street. It is frightening! At about 2:15 you hear it hit.  You hear children. At about 3:15 the noise intensifies and is unbelievable. You hear the name “Jesus” repeated over and over. Someone says “I love you.”

Joplin Convenience Store Hit – First Person Video

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