Jerome Ersland Conviction and Outrageous Tweets from News 4 OK Employee

Dr. Jerome Ersland, a pharmicist, was convicted of First Degree Murder yesterday for killing an armed teenager who tried to rob him inside a pharmacy. Read the details of the shooting and robbery here. A tweeter of Oklahoma City’s New 4 said something uncalled for, in fact – it was horrible, about a veteran and a man who went to work every day, had already been robbed once and was protecting two female employees. He shot one of the two teenage intruders (one armed) several times.

I tweeted had there been no robbery, no one would be dead. @MissBritneeB responded back with this:

@maggiesnotebook no robbery maybe Antwon wouldn’t be dead… Clearly Ersland was a crazy and would have gone out and shot someone else

Jerome Ersland Convicted of 1st Degree Murder

to which I responded:
Maggie Thornton

maggiesnotebook Maggie Thornton

@MissBritneeB That’s ridiculous. Ersland lived 59 yrs w/0 committing murder. U work for a TV station! Show your producers that tweet please.

to which @MissBritneeB responded:

MissBritneeB pic from Twitter

@maggiesnotebook bahahahaha the executive producer was the one who told me to tweet that 🙂 besides how we feel is not what we report

to which I responded:

Maggie Thornton

@maggiesnotebookMaggie Thornton
@MissBritneeB So your producer wanted to be associated with that statement – Ersland would have killed someone else anyway?

That was the end of the tweets from MissBritneeB. I heard no more from her, and now it appears that deleting her tweets are in process. There is nothing in her tweet stream of 26 and Twitter says those tweets are unavailable. What I have posted here came from my Tweet Deck.

How did I know she was with News 4? In her own words:

@maggiesnotebook and as one of our producers at News Channel four says… Not according to the Oklahoma jury #guilty

I have a screen grab of her tweets to me but cannot find a way to upload them.

There were many tweets for and against Ersland yesterday as the news broke. Some of the Twitter conversation was about Ersland shooting one of the robbers several times. Understandably, some people didn’t like that but to have a tweeter from a significant TV station, and NBC affiliate, in the area where the arrmed robberies were committed, tweeting that Dr. Ersland would have gone out and killed someone anyway is really sad, and her Executive Producer told her to tweet it, is appalling. Having said all that, I realize her Executive Producer may have known nothing about her irresponsible comments.There will be an Appeal and I hope Dr. Ersland, who I do not know and do not know anyone who knows him, will have a better outcome. Many people, including Police, have hailed Ersland as a “hero.” Because four men, two already convicted felons with a long rap sheet, who “recruited” two teenagers, decided to commit armed robbery, a Veteran and a good and productive man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Please read more about Dr. Ersland here: Jerome Ersland Convicted of Vigilante Justice, First Degree Murder – Injustice in Oklahoma Court.


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  • rennie hogan

    we know columbus discovered america .(not.) we know that frank & jessee james were heros(.not)& we know the importance of a white lie.(not) the truth of the matter is jerome ersland committed murder.(murder is murder) i dont care how you dress it up. or speak with forked tongue. murder is murder just as well a lie being a lie.

    • Rennie, that’s a nice pious comment, but there are murders that are justified.

      • jimmy

        I beg to disagree, a killing may be justified but killing someone who is no longer a threat is nothing but cold blooded murder,and that is never justified. The moment he decided to shoot the second time he ceased being a victim and became an executioner, plain and simple. He may say otherwise in court, but if his freedom weren’t on the line I’m sure he would acknowlege that
        fact. and so would most people also.

        • Jimmy, how many times do we have to be robbed before we stop putting the ARMED robbers welfare first. You come in a place you don’t own, planning to do harm, and there is no excuse. It is unacceptable to put the onus on the person being threatened.

          • Your comment is ABSOLUTELY the truth! I am a senior and have never in my life witnessed such a turn around from truth! If someone comes into my home or business you bet your sweet patootie I will shoot right in the face!!! Period!
            What has happened to American justice! It is so screwed up now it’s hard to tell one end from the other.
            This man needs a new trial with REAL Jurers.

            • rennie hogan

              are u crazy ? the question is how do you defend yourself from an unconscious brain-dead unarmed person .(multiple choice) 1.stomp his head to his brains pop out.2.get a chain saw and decapetate3.or get another gun empty in persons body

              • Phylis Schmidt

                all the above . Are you crazy you better hope no one you know or loved is put in the same postion. You can not tell me you know excatly what you would have done in the same postion.

                • rennie hogan

                  you should not be so impious im a vietnam vet. one outta of every ten trained to kill when in actual war time occurs only one in general can commit the act. thats neither here or there the fact of the matter is jerome ersland committed murder when he rendered paker unconcious, braindead, turned his back walked away reloaded came back and pumped five more rounds in his body.and by the way i didnt enjoy killing and im not proud of it.but by your statement and answer your defective and need mental evaluation.ersland commited premeditated with malice.your only defense whould be that parker was not your sick mind you probaly would not have a prolem with that. ha ha all of the above!!!

            • Terri

              AMEN Gloria – read what happened in a similar situation on Long Island:

      • rennie hogan

        im a veteran have you ever heard of geneva convetion,or we do have laws that regulate or govern our soceity in okla & elsewhere. my point and case is that jerome ersland went beyond the law. i compare jerome ersland to willie lynch & the people that follow him mob mentallity.

      • rennie hogan

        sorry sweetie no murder is justified! murder means the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by kill with malice. murder is murder i dont care how u dress it up. just as a lie is a cant disguise it . it is what it is.

        • Rennie, Ersland didn’t premeditate. He wasn’t lawless. He was not malicious. He was protecting himself and others with him. The man made his decisions in less than one minute. That’s not much time to try to save your life when you have no way to really know what is going on.

          • rennie hogan

            people get robbed every 2-minutes in the usa every day one dont violate or commit a criminal act most people are taught not to ressit just comply for the simple fact no amount of money can replace a human life. jerome ersland is a criminal as well as parker(.after i say this ill bid you farewell)..that after all is said and done and this journey ends we all will be equal. thats equally dead.and that while we are here in paradise our goal is to be the best person we can not carnally but otherwise.and im praying for you asking god to deliver you otta darkness so you might see the light and feel his glory and mercy.believe Me god dont create trash people just choose to be non-belivers or go astray!

        • JHK

          So if you or your loved ones are the victims at the end of the crimanal’s gun, should you just become a statistic. I guess you choose to. I know that I will defend myself. This man is not a police officer with the practiced legal knowledge and physical skills to control the rush of fear and anger mixed with adrenaline. Bad guys should take into consideration that committing an armed robbery is dangerous, it could result in serious consequences, even death. Also you may want to look into the law books, some states do have a justifiable homicide rule, such as in the protection of your own life or the life of another.

      • Bones Rhodes

        Murders are never justified: there are instances when killing is justified, NEVER a case when murder is. To advocate such shows a complete lack of morality on your part.

    • Terri

      If anyone wonders how Dr. James Ersland could have reacted in the manner that he did or if they think he should actually be left in prison for life… read this article from Long Island, then explain to me how on earth anyone could find this man guilty of 1st Degree Murder…
      Shame on that jury! Hopefully Gov Fallin will commute his sentence, what a miscarriage of justice!

  • I’m going to assume they somehow know that the first bullet didn’t kill the robber. But the store owner has been robbed before. He’s scared. His employees are scared. At least one of the robbers is armed. He doesn’t know what they might do. But he is scared. He shoots. And hes still scared. So he keeps shooting. He want to make sure the robber is dead and can’t do him or his employees any harm. I’ve got no problem with that.

    • Jim, I feel the same way. The one thing that is unquestionable is, had they attempted to rob the store, no one would be dead. We have to take a very hard stance. Armed robbery is a terrible crime. No mercy is okay with me.

    • cthelight

      @Jim and Maggie,

      Thank you. I agree with both of you. I probably would have done the same as Mr. Ersland.
      This man is a pharmacist, not a military trained soldier or policeman. Fear ruled as he had been robbed before. The men who robbed tried to rob the store were the criminals and had lengthy records…because liberal bleeding hearts let them out of jail on previous occassions. In my area of the country we have had 5 policeman killed by this type criminal just in 2011. All of the shooters had lengthy criminal records. So yes, Mr. Ersland was within his rights.

      I am tired of these type of criminals trying to intimidate others. They deserve what they get.

  • Chuck D

    Well Miss Britnee B is “clearly” not the brightest and i agree that Dr. Ersland had the right to defend himself and his employees. Who can say what they would do if they were faced with the same situation? He aimed (no pun intended) to eliminate threat and that is what he did. The adrenaline was in going and no matter how long it was after the first shot, I am sure it happened within the blink of an eye to him. All instinctual reaction’s to a crime being committed against him and this is what he get’s… despicable.

    • rennie hogan

      the way jerome ersland killed that child should be a hate crime (that was a lynching). i dont know of a case where a dog, bear ,gorilla has been shot & the shooter felt threaten turn his back walk away to reload.

      • Phylis Schmidt

        CHILD you’ve got to be kidding!!! Right

      • James Dhalluin

        Rennie, this robber was not a child, or a young human being, it was a thing, a dangerous drug induced thing that chose to say good by to the human race..well goodby

        • rennie hogan

          well my friend the penitentiary ,jails,mental insitutions,are full of criminals and derelicts as you refer to as(not me)but thats why we have laws .what do you suggest we do? multiple choice. 1.continue to have a fair impartial justice system2.if you been convicted of robbery with a firearm,automatic death by firing squad3.if its a sexual act against a teenage boy join the catholic church.what do you suggest?
          let me ask u this? are you a klan, skin-head,or attheist, if so do you think what u are contributing to society is helpful or good or are you just as the one that say goo.ha ha

          • Rennie, James said nothing to cause you to accuse him of racism, or ask if he is a skinhead or a klansman or an atheist. You’ve had your say here and none of that is appropriate. It’s time for you to move to another forum.

            • rennie hogan

              let me tell you this i didnt see this comment.but the fact of the matter is this is an open forum.dont try to bullie me or apologize for me. the same mentallity that you got jerome ersland got in that black people got a place thats why he did what he did. james made a statement that parker was not human but a drug induced thing thats klan skinhead belief they must be you know what civil rights are. if so make real sure you dont violate.just like your buddy jerome ersland went to court.they also have courts for civil dont be no bullie.

              • Rennie, I’m not a bully, but I do own this blog, so don’t accuse my commenters of the things you accused James of.

                • rennie hogan

                  god bless you all ( im out) and proud to an american. how bout them thunders

                  • God bless you Rennie, and I love ‘them thunders!’

        • James, this is an excellent comment.

        • James, I have just seen Rennie’s comment to you and it is inappropriate. My apologies. I hope he will move on.

  • Dennis H

    It is sad that the family and the criminals can’t be pursued for some sort of mental anguish that they put the pharmacist through. He obviously was willing to protect himself and the others, but I do not believe that this will not weigh heavily on him. He had to shoot and kill someone. That is not something you do everyday and that must change you mentally. These criminals made that happen and now he is in jail. It is just not right.

    • rennie hogan

      oklahoma jurors made me proud to b in okc the day jerome ersland was found guilty thats justice and not just-us. and dennis u remember this! black people have business & permits to carry point being all blacks are not criminals.

    • Dennis, I agree. This is a terrible thing for Dr. Ersland and his family. The victim is always the victim. Justice never changes that, and in this case Ersland didn’t even get that.

  • Dennis H

    Rennie, your response makes absolutely no sense to me. Is this a race thing. I hope all law abiding people of all races and genders, with or without a business will continue to do the right thing and protect themselves and others from the parasites of society and those who support them. Parasites cannot live without a host – people can.

    • rennie hogan

      hold up pal who is the victim blacks, indians, jews, muslims, chineese, vietnamese, youve have been a parasite and you continue to speak with forked tongue.its alright to protect yourself . but when you turn your back because the(person is disabled)unconscious( brain dead )need not be murdered. if jerome ersland had back in the day shot frank james or the daltons in a shootout hed been a hero.what he did was shoot a unarmed child already rendered unconscious.

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  • cthelight

    @rennie hogan,

    I really do not know what planet you live on….but “children” as you call these men that tried
    to rob this pharmacy are the same age as the “children” that murdered in COLD BLOOD policemen that were trying to stop them from breaking in and stealing in my area of the
    country. COLD BLOOD, as the police were trying to handle them like “children”. And this
    is not just happening in my part of the world. It is everywhere in the USA. Read more news,
    rennie. Read statistics. And if reading statistics makes me racist, so be it. I will be defending
    myself in anyway possible, whether they are “children” or not.

  • turtle

    The videos I’ve seen show that Antwon was down. Ersland chased the one with a gun out on the street, firing at him. As someone who has been trained in firearms (as Ersland is) knows that firing while in motion is inacurate. Anyone out there could have been hit. Ersland walked back to the pharmacy. Everyone (except the unconscience robber) could have waited outside for the police. All Ersland had to do was lock the door, trapping the unconscience youth inside. He obviously knew where his keys were as he used them to unlock the drawer to get the second gun. Shooting an unconscience person 5 times at point blank range is murder.

  • Piper

    The first shot was good; however, the last five shots were not good. He murdered that punk robber. That’s why he lied to the police about what happened. I am all for protection and strongly believe that Ersland was good with the first shot, but I also believe that he was wrong with the last five shots.



  • John

    All thoes people tha say he is guilty should be put in the same position he was in when some thing like that happnes you get so worked up and confused that you dont think strait he should not befound guilty weather the person he killed was white or black

  • James

    When someones life is in danger one must defend themself which this working man did.2nd amendment.The right to bear arms..This store owner protected his property good for him.This country lets scumbags get away with to much.of coarse the race bullshit issue has to come up what a supprise.Life is simple people are complicated.

  • To everyone, there is so much emotion attached to this story, but none so great as those who love and miss Jerome Ersland – who was simply minding his own business on that fateful night.

    No, the emotions of the parents of the robber don’t come close. It was their kid that put himself in harm’s way. I don’t care what happened to him after he threatened those inside the store. The story should be over at that point. An armed robber doesn’t deserve the courtesy to be wounded or killed with a first shot unless that’s what the robbed does. If the robbed does more, then it’s the fault of the robber.

    It is time that we get over blaming the person who was forced to defend himself. It’s not murder, no matter what happens, if you are being robbed.

    Let us, please, protect the innocent – those being robbed, those being raped, those being car-jacked, those being abducted. It’s time to change our mindset and Jerome Ersland is the perfect place to start.

  • Franco Di Palma

    The first shot was justified. Although the following shots were not justified the man was in an extreme case of emotional shock. When you are faced with the possibility of your own death you do not react the way you normally would when you have time to think rationally.It is much more likely that this man over reacted but murder? No, I don’t believe so. Had not that young man started the ball in motion none of this would have happened. Whats that they say? Ever action has an equal opposite reaction. I think that is what truly happened here.

    • Murder??? not under all these circumstance but manslaughter-probably

  • Piper

    Getting robbed does not give a person carte blanche to do whatever they want. Ersland has duties and responsibilities as a gun owner. He can only defend himself with deadly force as long as there is a threat. He is not judge, jury, and executioner. Once Parker was down, he was no longer a threat it is that simple.

    • Piper, that’s what is wrong about our laws. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to rob you, and we will be a safer country once we start acknowledging that. NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT. Let us take care of the victims.

      • Piper

        Nobody believes that they had the right to rob the pharmacy. Parker and Ingram made Ersland and the other two people victims of a crime when they broke the law by robbing the pharmacy. Consequently, Ersland made Parker a victim when he broke the law by executing him. Parker was an idiot and armed robber, but he was not a threat when Ersland shot him five more times. He was around 24 inches away when he fired the last shots. If Parker was still a threat, why would Ersland get that close? They did not have the right to rob and Ersland did not have the right to be an executioner.

  • Ed

    Look, this is completely wrongheaded.

    Your logic- that once someone commits a crime, their life is totally forfeit- is completely contrary to our entire justice system. It flies in the face of what keeps our society functional.

    You do not get to commit a crime, just because someone else did. What you are advocating is anarchy and lawlessness, and none of you would actually want to live in the kind of perpetual warzone it would create.

    This situation is unfortunate, but saying the “story should be over” once the robbery started is ignorant and wrongheaded- period.

    Self-defense is one thing- and that’s perfectly reasonable. What the video of this seemed to clearly show was not self-defense- it was murder. If you want to argue about his emotional state, fine- then maybe it wasn’t first degree murder. Maybe it was second-degree.

    But it was still murder, and regardless of WHO you murder, IT’S STILL MURDER. This man DOES deserve to go away for what he did. That is our society, that is our law.

    The robbers belonged in jail, too, of course. But instead of that happening, due to the actions of this man, one of them went to a coffin instead. That was NOT his choice to make- and he DID make a choice. In fact, he made the exact same choice the robbers did- he broke the law.

    That is why he was convicted, and that is why the jury was correct in doing so.

    • Ed, this is about NOT “getting” to shoot someone. It’s about defending yourself after a heinous act (your life threatened), which Ersland had been through twice. The bottom line is, no one would be dead had they not tried to rob the man.

      I understand that your thinking is the norm. It’s time to change the norm and give ALL of the protection to the victim.

  • cthelight

    I have been reading about this on other blog sites. I am SICK of those defending this so called
    “child”. Now I wonder who paid 12 jurors to find this pharmacist guilty of first degree murder.
    Your comments are ethically correct to ME. This is a travesty to all honest people.
    And those who would argue have NO idea what it is like to work in retail and be intimidated
    by these so called “children”. There is huge fear when a pack of them come into a store especially a store they have no business being in. There would have been 1,ONE, juror in my deliberation who would have caused a problem and NEVER relented on a not guilty charge.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Whether Mr. Ersland was right or wrong, is certainly debatable. However, it is clear that he is being held to a higher standard than our police is held to. This is just one example of many,