It must be Thursday! More ‘unexpected’ unemployment news!

It’s Thursday. You know what that means. Time for more “unexpected” jobs numbers. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the “really smart” people are always so surprised that people lose jobs in a rotten economy. Bloomberg reported the shocking news.

“More Americans unexpectedly filed first-time claims for unemployment insurance payments last week, pushed up by three factors that normal seasonal variations failed to take into account, the Labor Department said.

Applications for jobless benefits jumped by 43,000 to 474,000 in the week ended April 30, the most since August, Labor Department figures showed today. A spring break holiday in New York, a new emergency benefits program in Oregon and auto shutdowns caused by the disaster in Japan were the main reasons for the surge, a Labor Department spokesman said as the data was released to the press.”

They always have an excuse. It never has anything to do with the policies of the President or his allies in congress.

And why is this such a surprise? Just the other day Rasmussen released an employment survey showing more employers report laying off than hiring.

Speaking of the rotten Obama economy, Reuters also reported that the price of food is approaching a record high. Government officials will probably blame the weather.

Oh, and if you think a second term for Obama will help the economy, think again. He recently promised supporters that he’ll ram through his global warming agenda if he’s re-elected.

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  • Trust me Maggie, they’re not surprised. They know exactly what they need to do to fundamentally transform America into a third world nation.

  • Awww.. this is why I’m not making any money… who can I kick? Ohhh the guy with the big ear’s.. well maybe he’ll hear from us in 2012…

  • Notice how they always trumpet the great new economic numbers, then quietly revise them downwards…

    We don’t need to see the numbers to know Obama economy stinks. Just go to the grocery store and fill up your tank so you can get to work…

  • Word

    I graduated with a masters in education. I cannot find a job. Even the substitute teaching positions are closed because everyone with a degree that cant find work is trying to feed their families.

    Lets see in the last year I almost landed a job in Point Barrow Alaska…seems only 3000 people applied for 4 jobs this year. I have student loans….I have bill collectors calling the day after I didnt pay my bills for the month.

    But I do have a lead on a newspaper job. Delivering papers for a 100 bucks a month. That is if they choose me over the 700 other adults that applied for it.

    Meanwhile prices are shooting thru the roof, The price of oil just plummetted because of fears of another recession because we have a gigantic MORON running this nation. A memorandum circling the white house to TAX your driving mileage…was denied by the White House as being the official position of the President.

    Great….but it sure tells us what kind of people HES HIRED.

    In short……..The economy sucks….I just spent 6 years and 44k dollars to get a masters and to earn my way in life and all I get for it is…………

    A huge ff’ing bill, no job and I have to beat up old ladies in the dumpster if I want to eat this month.

    Thanks Democrats. I would not take a FF’ing penny from you if you offered it.

    JUST GIVE ME A JOB so I can pay my own way!

    • I hear you there Word.. My prayers are with you.. along with prayers that I can continue doing what I do.. Keep me going God till I can vote this bum out and all the other bums who helped this….

  • What is scary is that Obama is confident that he will be re-elected in spite of his record.

  • “They always have an excuse. It never has anything to do with the policies of the President or his allies in congress.”

    But you can bet your sweet hind-end parts that if the economy recovers, that will the consequence solely of President Obama’s “bold and decisive” leadership.

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  • How many more months?