How to Sculpt a Horse in Motion

Amazing artist David Lemon has a unique video up on sculpting a horse in motion. You won’t believe the preparation it takes to decide where and how the feet will be placed. Honestly, you have to be a toolman to do what he does. It’s fascinating. View his daily sculpting video blogs here or click on the galleries in his left sidebar to see his work displayed. Visit his online gallery here.

David Lemon Readying to Sculpt a Horse in Motion (video)

  • Maggie … Did I ever say thank you for reminding me about 9 months ago about David Lemon? Well, now both Peggy and I follow his blog daily. So we both say thank you.

  • Maggie, if you’d of told me you were going to put up a video of mine on your blog, I would have done a better job on it.. lol Thank you Maggie..

    • David, I thought it was fascinating and you did a great job showing the challenges.

  • Well I thank you.. I’ll be adding clay on this horse on Friday, this week, at the Vigilante in historic Virginia City.. over the weekend.. Still don’t know how it will turn out.. lol