Herman Cain and Palestinians Right to Return: The First Flight of the Palestinians Were Jews!

Newly announced presidential candidate Herman Cain has expressed another serious and uninformed opinion about Muslims – this one a matter of foreign policy. Today Chris Wallace asked Cain what he would do about Israel and the “Palestinian right to return” (supposedly to their own land). It was clear that Cain didn’t have insight into the manufactured problem of taking over lands mandated to Israel. He said “that’s something that should be negotiated.” He said the “right of return” should not be “under “Palestinian conditions,” and then said he didn’t think Israel had a ‘big problem with people returning.” I wish the video were available so that you can see his response. It will be later tonight and I’ll put it up then. Video linked at bottom of page.

Herman Cain

The Palestinian “right to return” surfaced at the time the League of Nations granted land to Israel for statehood. There was an outcry that Muslims/Arabs had a consistent presence in the Holy Land for thousands of years, which was untrue. After 635 A.D., Arab domination of Judah (later renamed Palestine by the Romans) existed for only 22-30 years.

British and Arab leaders are quoted professing there is no such thing as a Palestinian. The Saudi representative to the U.N. clearly stated (and is documented) “Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria.” Arabs in the area never considered themselves “Palestinians.” Never referred to themselves as “Palestinians.” In history, Palestinians were actually Philistines (Aegeans), migrating from Greece to the area, and have been extinct for over 2,000 years. The Philistines emerged and died out before Roman took on the name, perhaps because the Philistines were anti-Semitic. To this day, it is about anti-semitism. There is no such thing as a Philistinian lineage and I believe, no DNA to be found.

Jews left the area because they were chased out by Romans. Many fled into Saudi Arabia in the 2nd Century and remained there until the 7th Century when Mohammed came along and warred and grabbed the Jewish wealth and banished those not murdered. There is little known about Medina in the 2nd Century, but it certainly was not the thriving, wealthy city it was when the Jews were forced to abandon their homes. The Jews who stayed signed documents to submit to Mohammed and Islam, not necessarily by converting but through submission and taxation. Medina began Mohammed’s bloody march to Islam as we know it today.

At the time leading up to statehood, all peoples in the area were referred to as Palestinians – even Palestinian Jews, Palestinian Arabs, Palestinian Christians, as they lived in the area renamed Palestina by Romans. In fact, the area was often referred to as Syria-Palestina. Over and over again in history, you hear the area referred to as “Palestine, that is Judea” or something similar.

Bob Martin in a carefully footnoted article on April 13, 2011 says:

Is there any nation in the world which does not have a name in its original native language? The Arabs who invaded the Holy Land do not have a name in their native Arabic language because they are not, and have never been, a unified group or a nation. Most of those Arabs cannot even pronounce the word “Palestinian”. They pronounce it “Falestinian”.

“Palestine” was Judea.

The point here concerning Herman Cain and Chris Wallace and a mass of ignorant Progressives and well-meaning, uninformed Christians is that there is no stolen homeland for Arabs to return to. As Jews legally bought up lands in the 1920’s and developed those lands, Arabs migrated to them for jobs and a better quality of living. There were no Arab emotional ties to the land. The idea of a “right of return” was propaganda at statehood. Arabs didn’t believe it, but they screamed it.

The designation and formation of the Jewish state began long before statehood was achieved. Jordan became a state in 1922, carved out of land mandated to Israel. Saudi Arabia wanted a kingdom and so the Brits gave the land to Saudi for that kingdom. Jordan had nothing to do with the Arabs historically living in the area – at the time, and Jews were to be forbidden east of the Jordan river, even though the land was originally mandated for them. The first King Abdullah’s parents were Saudi.

Note that at statehood in 1948, many, many thousands of Arabs fled in fear of the Jews. Doesn’t that make you smile? It does me. All the intellectuals and professionals left, leaving the rabble behind. Eventually, many returned to live in Jordan and Syria. The British performing the Mandate intended for Jordan to be what we want to call Palestine. The British will have to face their Maker one day for their very politically-evil part in absconding with much of the Jewsh homeland.

Okay, I mentioned that today’s Cain gaffe was his second. Recently, Cain made a comment that he would have no Muslims in his administration. I believe his consideration was that Muslims have a first loyalty to Islam and Mohammed, and as such, that loyalty is at odds with the good of the U.S. Then he interviewed with Fox News’ Neal Cavuto. Neal pressed him on it, asking: if a Muslim assured you that he was loyal to the U.S., would you then consider him/her? Cain stuttered around for a second and said yes he would, which completely negates his reasoning about Islam and the U.S. See two related videos at Another Black Conservative who calls Cain’s wrong turn “a self-inflicted wound.”

It is appalling for Chris Wallace to ask about the “right of return,” without laying down some history to indicate that perhaps there is no such “right,” and it is worse for Herman Cain, presidential wanna-be, to be so lacking in knowledge about an issue that will forever affect the safety of the world, and an issue that will never go away. Today the Herminator, who I like and admire in the main, has a second, deeper wound that is bleeding out.

UPDATE: Watch the video at Daily Caller (embedding seems to be a problem) and note that Cain comes out strong on the Palestinians and says he is not sure Palestinians want peace…then the dreaded question comes.

  • I have not done the research on this topic as you obviously have. While it may be true that there is no right to return, Cain showed utter ignorance on this topic. He didn’t even seem to know what Wallace meant. It was a huge mistake on Cain’s part. I am huge fan of his, but this was a stumble. The right of return is one of the sticking points of a peace agreement. Far from the only, but it is one.

    • just a conservative girl, if a final decision is that there is a “right of return,” millions of Arabs will flood into Israel and demographically there will no longer be a Jewish state – which was the goal of the League of Nations. Israel wasn’t given to Arabs.

      Many Arabs living in the small portion of the mandated lands Israel eventually accepted, stayed there and are probably there today. The idea of a “right of return” was part of the Brits manufactured strategy to keep the Mufti happy.

      But the documented facts show that Arabs migrated wherever the Jews went. Life was always better when Jews were organizing, running, selling and manufacturing things.

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  • Maybe all these presidential candidates will be weeded out by their own words leaving only Michelle Bachman … my choice. How would all these Muslim leaders like dealing with a woman without a head covering.

    • Carl, great point! Visions of Hillary and Nancy in headscarves. Bet MB would NEVER do that. She understands what it means. Brings to mind how the State Dept. will deal with a woman in the Oval. Of course, maybe a Republican woman will be smart enough to clean out that snake pit, something the Bush administration thought unwise.

  • Great job Maggie. We need to expose this guy fast, before the central banks start pumping money into his campaign.

    • Trestin, I think Cain gets the bottom line that Israel deserves our protection, he just missed that “negotiating” right of return decimates Israel demographically. The issue of Right of Return is manufactured, and never intended by the League of Nations.

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