Girl, 11, Named Hairest Girl: Supatra Sasuphan Guinness Hairiest Girl – Hypertrichosis ambras Syndrome

Eleven year old Supatra Sasuphan has been named “Hairiest Girl” by the Guinness World Records. Supatra, known to friends as “Nat,” is from Bangkok, Thailand. She suffers from Hypertrichosis, also known as Ambras Syndrome.

Supatra Sasuphan, Hairiest Girl

From The Daily Mail:

Supatra is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome – caused by a faulty chromosome – to be documented since the Middle Ages. Before the disease was understood, sufferers were branded ‘werewolves.’

She has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back. Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth.

But while most sufferers have been shunned, Supatra has gradually been embraced by her community, and became a popular and outgoing child.

Her father, Sammrueng, says his daughter has many friends. Supatra likes to study math, hopes to be a doctor one day and also hopes for a cure for her condition. God bless this brave little girl.

See additional photos here and here.

Photo credit Bronek Kaminski/Barcroft Media

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