Frank Sinatra 12 Showers a Day and Smelled of Lavender

Frank Sinatra’s fourth, and last, wife of 22 years, Barbara, says her husband took “about 12 showers a day and always smelled of lavender,” sometimes mixed with Jack Daniels and Camel cigarettes. He was romantic, and a dangerous drunk. When she saw the gin bottle she left the room. Barbara Sinatra says her husband absolutely never apologized to anybody for anything. She ignored his infidelity, and Lady Blue Eyes loved Old Blue Eyes dearly. See the video at Daily Mail

Barbara Sinatra: My Life with Frank

  • I guess some things come with the territory.

  • The man could sing like an angel well into his old age – but he could be a real nasty son-of-a-gun when crossed. And when drinking.

  • What a epithet to be known for. Sad …

  • Or is it … epitaph?

  • I’ve read that Sinatra also obsessively washed his hands too. Well, geniuses often have quirks. In my view, Sinatra was a musical genius.