Frank Bailey Palin Author with Hannity Video

Frank Bailey, the latest author to try to skewer Sarah Palin as an insider is not ready for prime time. Bailey worked for Palin as an aide. In the video, Sean Hannity tells Bailey he’s “full of crap” and really pounds him for talking about the Palin children. In the video, you’ll hear that Frank Bailey, according to Hannity, is being investigated by Alaska’s Attorney General. First Bailey lies about it, but Hannity confronts him with the truth, and relents. There is also discussion about the advance Bailey received from publishers. See the video below.

Sarah Palin and Frank Bailey

Good grief. In the video you will hear Bailey say his little boy asked him: “Daddy, why are you so sad?” What a putz. I have not read the book but will be interested to see what his gripes are, which appear to be Palin being “big government,” and not Conservative.

Note that as a Palin employee, Bailey believes emails coming to him, regarding the work he does for Palin, are his personal emails and he has the right to them. It’s always about the money.

Sean Hannity Interviews Frank Bailey, former Palin Aide (video)

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Gossip

  • Does anyone in politics have any integrity in their soul anymore? Michelle Bachmann … watch your back.

  • Ran

    Ricky Hollywood’s big brother. Hey – when’s his spread for Playgirl?

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  • Sarah looks better by the minute. . .

  • Erin

    Ewww, Sarah Palin? That old grifter sure has suckered a lot of people. Quits in the middle of her term as governor so she can scam $ out of the slack-jawed mouth-breathers. Don’t pay her any more attention, Maggie!

    • Actually Maggie.. pay no attention to idiots like Erin.. Sorry.. I’ll take that back, not idiot.. but dang close to one. Ok.. I need to calm down. No I won’t. Erin, you need to start eating brain food, something that will fill it with something other than what you hear from CNN, MSNBC, the networks, and some on the right. She quit because she was spending all her time battling in court her enemies who were bringing court actions against her constantly. She couldn’t govern as she felt she should. The people of Alaska deserved more than a Govenor who spent all her time going to court. How swiftly those court actions stopped after she stepped down. Love you Erin for the freedom to speak your mind.. but Erin you need to just wake up. Now I may be wrong in some of my facts.. I’m just rubbing sleep from my eyes.. and probably not a good idea to write in that early morning blur.. lol

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  • ml

    I rather see Michele Bachmann run for President. Not Sarah Palin.

  • ted409

    whatever you all say the poll sez 57 percent of arizonans dont want her here in az
    i dont know what to think about bristol thought she was ok but then read different so not sure
    bachmanns bunch claims if she runs palin will not at least michelle can get thru an interview with katy couric without looking like a braindead boob

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  • akw

    He’s a real scumbag.