Donald Trump: I’m Baaaaack – Maybe!

Donald Trump’s ego marches on, on Fox and Friends. He says he really believes he could have won a 2012 presidential bid, and he thinks Huckabeee could have won also. He isn’t ruling out a late entry into the race if the right candidate doesn’t surface. Whatever Trump does, I hope he keeps talking. We need to hear it.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump May Be Back (video)

Thanks to Bob Mack who is talking about malfeasance – check out the graphic!


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  • I guess he needed a couple weeks to re-inflate his ego.

  • There is a draft Trump thing now and all, of course

    BUT imho the GOP field will look far more competitive a couple mos. from now, not the weak-ish field he saw last month

    I would expect it to be Romney still in it, Newt irrelevant or out, and Bachmann, Santorum, Cain, T-paw, and maybe even Palin still… all pretty conservative, and at least Palin and Bachmann aren’t afraid to go after Obama, which was most of Trump’s appeal