Debra Burlingame Meeting with Obama: Holder Continues to Investigate CIA

Debra Burlingame, the sister of a pilot of one of the flights crashing into the Trade Towers on 9/11/01 was among the family members meeting with Barack Obama yesterday near Ground Zero. The videos tell the story of what transpired when Debra, also one of America’s heroes, spoke with the President and pleaded for him to protect the CIA agents who interrogated 9/11 detainees. She asked if he would intervene with Attorney General Eric Holder and Obam simply said “no,” and walked away from her. Read the entire story

Debra Burlingame on Meeting with Obama (video)

Debra Burlingame – Obama Walks Away – Will Not Help CIA (video)

Read the entire story a 911 Families for the videos here and here.

  • The real Obama rears his ugly head…

    • Bob, the head of this snake is going to get a lot uglier, altho it seems that should be impossible.

  • Not just the enemy within… but within the Oval Office

    Never thought I’d live to see such a Twilight Zone of a presidency…. this Obama really is a dangerous enemy to the United States

  • This is becoming all to common with politicians who forget this federal government is “We the People.” From Congressmen like Billy Long all the way up, too many of them are turning their back on the American people and feel they don’t have to be accountable or transparent.

    • BB, Incredibly sad that for s many years we let them do this. Now we have to find a way to detangle.

  • When Bush went to Ground Zero, it was “We” and “All of Us” not I, I, I, I, and still more I’s

    • David, thank you so much for the tip about these videos. I realized last night I had not given you credit. I will fix that (and I know you don’t care…)

      The man has no conscience.

      • He’s a total tool… You know I don’t get you info for the credit.. I do it to get the word out.. and my few friends ain’t getting the word out…. Maggie’s Notebook… is.. lol

  • What a freaking narcissist…. Obama doesn’t give a crap about the families. He doesn’t give a crap about justice. He has a skewed world View and he and his policies irks me to no end. She probably wouldn’t like his opinion, and actually his silence speaks louder than you might know. His silence in essence means he is in agreement with Holder’s decision to investigate the CIA agents.

  • Teresa – great statement! Freaking narcissist. While Holder is the US AG, there is no doubt that he serves at the pleasure of the president. These two are very close, and if we were a fly on the all we would this is their plan. Obama cannot TELL him what to do, but if Holder were doing something contrary to Obama’s wishes – for instance, supporting the CIA, Holder would be gone.

  • Obama is no commander and cheif! Obama is mad because the CIA is doing a better job than himself – what a piece of crap is Obama and Holder – partners in crime. Guess they are afraid the CIA may uncover the truth for a change.