David Epstein Columbia Prof Pleads Guilty to Incest – No One Cares

Stacy at The Other McCain reports a bombshell. If David L. Epstein, HuffPo blogger and distinguished Columbia Professor, pleads guilty to having sex with his adult daughter for three years, wouldn’t you think the media would pick-up on it…even if he does the Left the favor of blogging virulently and often about Sarah Palin?

Professor David Epstein

The daughter would have been about 21 at the time her father began his felonious behavior, but as Stacy examined last December in The American Spectator: – they were consenting adults. Was that the viewpoint among Columbia students? Do you have a student there? You need to read the story.

In 2005, Epstein and his wife Sharyn O’Halloran both received the Decade of Behavior Award for their research on “democracy issues,” none of which took a look at republican democracy, I suspect. The awards were presented to them on Capitol Hill by two Democrat congressmen, and it’s worth noting this man willing to engage his own daughter in intercourse not of the intellectual type, is a huge Obama supporter.

Has Columbia fired this disgusting piece of humanity, or not? Read it at McCain’s. He has all the details, including screen-grabs of documents, and has been tracking this story and Epstein’s hate-filled Palin-blogging for some time.

  • Terry

    actually, I have been tracking this. I am the one that sent RS McCain the copy of court record and the email from the attorney was to me. It is absolutely amazing that MSM refuses to follow up or report on this shocking story. I am gratefull that Mr. McCain did.
    The reason I have stayed on this is ; this guy Epstein is the FACE and CHARACTER of the progressive left ; America hating, history changing, ruling elite, lowlife, Godless souled, professors at large.
    Keep up the fight.

    • Terry, I want to thank you for getting the confirming information to Stacy. Our readers are immeasurably important in getting the truth out. Yes, Epstein is the FACE of all that is wrong with American. The Left these days embody despicable crimes and as I could see from researching this story, many, including Columbia students, think if any sex is consensual, it’s okay.

  • Excellent post on a disgusting story. It won’t ever air on MSNBC, but that’s because over there, conservative women who have the temerity to disagree with leftist hosts are called “sluts” or “big bags of meat.” A progressive blogger and father having illegal sex with his daughter is, of course, ignored by the hypocritical left-wing media.

    • ClassicFilm, it is indeed a disgusting story. I wonder what is going on in the mind of the daughter. I haven’t seen information on her comments about this, but I think I did read that she was involved in the charges.

  • And people wonder why God has turned His back on America. God didn’t do it willingly … America at large told Him to get out. I’m beginning to think He just may have done it. We may pay the price in many ways … look what’s happening with nature. Just sayin’ …

    • Carl, I have to have the hope that God knows the hearts of the larger part of America, and knows that it is not us who have brought this about. I pray He will continue to bless this country and those of us working every day to keep Him alive in the hearts and minds of people around the world.

    • I saw a comment from Billy Graham’s daughter a few years ago. She said that they Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman, and will leave when he is told to go. Too many Americans have told him to go.

  • Aweful. Disgusting. Repulsive. This needs to be addressed and there needs to be action against this guy. if its simply swept under the rug by the left its the same as consent.

    • Kathleen

      Terry: Thank you for following up on this story. You did a great job bringing this to the forefront of a “part” of the news. As everybody agrees, this disgusting man and this disgusting story has been swept under the rug. Why should they care about this child who has to live with the fact her father has raped her for the rest of her life? Truly makes me want to vomit!
      Keep us posted Terry. Glad we have folks like you who care enough not to let the important stories get dropped and ignored.

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  • Christofer

    Such severely antiquated thought such as most people still carry today is why this country spends billions wasting time on 2 consenting adults and not on drug dealers kid rapers…let adults make their own decisions. whether its big macs tbatFDA wants to regulate or Consensual adult incest…the fact is , NO GOVERNMENT has a right to my body or mind. ILLEGAL DRUGS,YES..CONTROL ARMS AND ALCOHOL,YES….BUT DONT TELL ME I HAVE TO HAVE FLU SHOTS OR WHO I CAN LOVE OR HAVE SEX WITH THAT IS OF AGE.

    • Kathleen

      Cristofer, I have a very difficult time believing that the daughter of Professor Epstein gave her consent to have intercourse with her father. If in fact she did, they are both sick and need professional help. I think the bottom line here is that this man had intercourse with his daughter in the first place. Really? What does this say to the students he teaches? This behaviour is appropriate? I do not get your statement that our “country spends billions of dollars wasting time on two consenting adults and not on drug dealers kid rapers.” I would like to see those figures and where you found that information. Rather silly statement. While it is true there are a lot of dollars wasted by our government, I hardly see what it has to do with this rape case. It blows my mind that you do not see how wrong this situation really is. More than anything it shows there are actually people who believe what this man did is normal and it is okay to have intercourse with your own daughter. I can’t think of another species that behaves this way.
      By the way, who told you you HAD to have a flu shot?

  • Thomas

    I’m not sure this guy is really the face of the Left. I for one have never heard of him. But I think this one may not be part of the overall conspiracy theory. Most likely, one reason this story has stayed under the radar is out of respect for the daughter. Usually, articles about rape take care to preserve the anonymity of the victim. In this case, the victim is clearly identifiable, so any mention of this case will just draw attention to her and further ruin her life.