Brothers Ryan, Colt Hamil Died in Piedmont, Oklahoma Tornado: Oklahoma Dead Reach 10

After the Tuesday night storms in the Western portion of Oklahoma, I watched the eerie scene of a search boat, lights on, traveling slowly over Falcon Lake in Piedmont. An odd scene because a terrible tornado had just leveled much of the area. In the dark, the waters were calm. It was thought the boat was searching for people, and perhaps it was searching for three-year old Ryan Hamil who was found dead today floating in the lake water. His 15th-month old brother Colt died yesterday in an Oklahoma City Hospital.

Hank and Catherine Hamil with Ryan, Colt and Kathleen

Catherine Hamil, 36, gathered her children in a bathtub that night. She is pregnant, due to deliver in October, and was injured along with the Hamil’s daugther, 5-year old Kathleen. The unborn baby, mother and sister are said to be doing fine, although Kathleen and Colt were also missing immediately after the storm passed. Mrs. Hamil is reported to have broken bones. Mr. Hamil was not in the home, but tearfully announced today that Ryan had been found.

Hank and Catherine Hamil's Home after Piedmont, Oklahoma Tornado

I see a sofa in the photo above, but no sign of a bathtub. The following is their home before Tuesday night:

Hamil Home Before Piedmont Tornado

According to this article, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the city most hit by tornados. Ten are reported dead in the state after finding Ryan Hamil today. Laron Short, 24 of Chickasha, has been named among the dead. Others are:

Three people, a man and two women, were killed along Interstate 40 two miles west of the Calumet exit in Canadian County. Nearby, a teenage girl and a 22-year-old man were killed near U.S. 66 and Courtney Road. A 63-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman were killed near Cashion in far southwest Logan County. Authorities are still trying to identify some of the victims and have not released the names of others pending the notification of their families.

Of Laron Short, her aunt said this:

“She was just trying to take care of her mama,” Gunkel said. “They didn’t have a vehicle and no place to go. She just stepped out on the porch to see what was happening, and the trailer next door just blew on top of her.”


  • Robin

    I am so very sorry.

  • Mi corazon siente compassion por la perdida de dos Angelitos de la familia Hamil, pero al mismo tiempo pensando en el proposito que Dios Nuestro Senor….tiene para ellos. No hay duda en mi corazon, pues Dios y Jesus de Nazareth, mostrara a esta familia cosas Maravillosas, y algun dia
    los reunira en el Cielo a disfrutar por Eternidad la Felicidad a plenitud …
    ‘May God’s love and compassion, have Mercy for this beautiful family….’

    My sincere prayers,
    Carmen R iniguez