Allen West: Fundamental Qualities for Strong Leadership Video

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas will post an interview with Congressman Allen West (R-FL) this Thursday, May 19th. The following is a short clip from the video of West talking about the fundamental qualities for strong leadership, as well as talking about moving in “God’s time.” More on Thursday.

Allen West with Ginni Thomas: Fundamental Qualities for Strong Leadership

  • A typical military officer with 20 years experience, especially an Army officer who’s seen action and has lived in foreign lands, is more qualified to be president that Obama, or most politicians for that matter. I would vote for that man in a heartbeat.

  • I’d love to be able to vote for him, but is he ready?

  • I think West would be smart to sit this one out and learn the ways of Washington. Gotta study the enemy…

  • I think we need someone to step because our selection is so weak. We need a George Washington type. Someone who is honest and has integrity but reluctant to run. That is exactly how George Washington was. He chose to step up to the plate even though he didn’t really have the desire to become our first President. He was the right person for the times. I think Allen West could be that right person for the times. I’ll take an honest person with very little experience over a dishonest person with tons of experience.

  • He would make a great VP. He would bring great balance to a Ron Paul ticket

  • I so wish he’d run, but I respect his commitment to his constituents. West is an honorable man. I’m looking for a candidate who will stand against sharia infiltration which threatens every aspect of life in America. So far, for me, Rick Santorum fits the bill better than anyone else in the GOP field who may run.

  • BobF

    I would vote for West in a heartbeat but if you listen to what he says, he says he’s not ready yet. West knows you don’t take a lieutenant out of West Point and put him in charge of a major battle. He knows it takes training and experience to make a great leader on the battlefield. He’s using his military experiences in the political arena. Before he even thinks of running for higher office, he wants to master being a Representative and get the knowledge and experience necessary for the battles ahead.

    Contrast West to our current president. A community organizer who had less than two years experience in the US Senate where he spent the majority of that time campaigning for the White House.

  • I agree with JC’s thoughts that we need a George Washington, a supremely honest man that is not a politician but reluctantly steps into the fray. Allan West sounds like an honest man but untested in higher office. It is, however, at the present moment competing for a place that also fits Herman Cain.
    We will have to wait until they reveal themselves more in the field of battle (political).

  • An honest man cannot get elected, as an honest man would end the social spending party. No one wants to admit that parties can’t go on forever.

  • He’s not ready for president yet certainly… but he’s got a great future before him,
    that seems a certainty- what an impressive individual