Agnes Anderson 98 Wears Wedding Dress in Fashion Show

Ninety-eight year old Agnes Anderson wore her beautiful wedding gown of 73 years ago, from her 50-year marriage to her now deceased husband Delmar, in a vintage wedding gown fashion show. Mrs. Anderson’s son escorted her down the aisle of Samuel Lutheran Church as 19 other vintage wedding gowns were also featured in Muskegon, Michigan. What a precious story – 98 years old! Source: MSNBC.

Agnes Anderson (Photo Credit Kristi Fulton/AP)

  • Mrs. Anderson looks lovely in her wedding gown. It has certainly held up well for being almost 100 years old. She looks so happy.

  • Thom Harvengt

    Did she marry her son, herself , charlie sheen??????? the rest of the story please

    • Thom: did you read the story? It was a vintage wedding dress fashion show. Her husband is deceased and her son escorted her. That is the story.