Young Cons New Video Rap Message: Josh Riddle David Rufful Burn on the Government Video

Regular readers know how fond I am of transcripts – just so handy to have around when the video is no longer available. This time, I have a transcript, of sorts, simply so that I could understand what these young men are saying. I’m not exactly close to their generation, but I know they have a message and it’s an important one. The video below is another rap from The Young Cons – conservative college students at Dartmouth, David Rufful and Josh Riddle. UPDATE: Josh has visited here and left a comment, saying that the lyrics are available on the website, so I’m updating with them, and won’t have to torture you with what my ears heard (which was most correct:-)

I love bright young minds who get it. A reference is made to Romans 6:23:

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in[a] Christ Jesus our Lord.

Here’s a short bio of Josh and David:

The Young Cons are conservative activists, division one college basketball players, Ivy League students, editors for The Dartmouth Review, rappers, bloggers, and co-founders of the 7,800-member Young Conservatives Facebook group. We have a mission to spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism….

Conservatives understand that Jesus promoted charitable giving from the individual and not a secular, spiritless task of government. “Not one place in the Bible did Jesus advocate it was the function of government to do what loving human beings ought to do on their own.” Jesus advocated for individuals to give from his or her personal resources and not to force others through taxation.”

Thanks to Stacy McCain at The Other McCain, where I found this latest work of The Young Cons. Visit and learn what it costs for one year’s undergraduate tuition at Dartmouth. Be prepared to be amazed.

Visit the Young Cons. They have a very interesting website, and see previous videos as well. Serious C is David and Stiltz is Josh.

Serious C:

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Man, they love to spend our money

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Man, they wish they could control me.



I got a lot of haters and I’m still trying to acquire more

If you think I rap for fame then you don’t know what I’m trying for

Preach freedom and the Gospel and I’m hoping to inspire more

Your Keynesian theories are more washed up then a seashore

Can’t take over the world with your socialist game

Even Pinky and the Brain would say you’ve straight gone insane

You wanna Hydro Pump my taxes yeah you learnt that one from Blastoise

Yeah I drown all the posers out – nothing but white noise


Serious C:

Taxing, Lying, Spending

Taxing, Lying, Spending

Taxing, Lying, Spending

It’s our freedom we’re protecting

talkin’ Taxing, Lying, Spending

Taxing, Lying, Spending

Taxing, Lying, Spending

It’s our freedom we’re protection


Serious C:

Government is the problem, Obama, Reid, Pelosi- stop ‘em.

I’m on offense and they’re fouling,

You’re the ref so call ‘em out

And I will never give up, like Finding Nemo call me Marlin

They be spending when I’m waking up

And spending when I’m eating lunch

Obama, Reid, Pelosi- get it through your head you spend too much

They taxing when I’m buying pants, and taxing every cents you can

Taxing every food and drink, and taxing if I try to think

They taxing ‘till it’s at its end, then subsidize it, and tax again!



Vote out Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Easily combatable by Ryan, West, and Christie

Talking Ryan, West, and Christie that’s a crew who’s dirty filthy

They’ll end the monkey business no more Donkey Kong or Diddy

I’m burning on big government until I see a third degree

It’s an obese fickle beast, count calories

Free markets and free people charge it up like a battery

Thank you for the good news of Romans 6:23

I learn how you prey on the weak like a predator

Call me Chris Hansen, no I’m not an amateur

Will the haters ever stop our rapping? – That’s a Heck No

No until the government is speechless, t-t-techno

Go back to the founding fathers and rep that Retro

Gotta loosen up your grip on the people and L-L-Let go

Imprisoned by taxation we’re about to pull a Scofield

If you ask me what’s legit, I’ll tell you Ricochet’s the real deal.

You never thought of it I had to plant it like inception

Stand by the Constitution , that’s your sworn job – No exceptions

I’ll bring realer rhymes I’ll never quit with quicker facts and bigger hits

Spitting fire like a dragon your support just called it quits

You think in ’08 that I lost with McCain but I took it as a challenged and reshaped my whole game

I go against the norm like a realist who’s absurd, I’m getting rid of waste like a stomach to a turd

Spending money we don’t have just clearly makes zero sense

All you have to do is flatten taxes to grow business

History’s so clear I really don’t see how you miss this

…I don’t see you how you miss this


Serious C:

Yo, it’s Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

To take it to the 1980s

talkin’ Reagan, Thatcher, Buckley

Reagan, Thatcher, Buckley

Reagan, Thatcher, Buckley

Yeah buddy, if we’re lucky


So Pelosi said to pass it, just so we could see what’s in it

Who’s she kidding? Brain is spinning,

She can’t keep these deals hidden.

Ignore reason, take our freedoms

It’s our property she’s seizin’

I’m just beginning, got this feeling, we got debt to the ceiling.

Yo, it’s Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Keep on taxing ‘till we’re in the ground,

Then tax the coffin, tax the grave and tax the dirt that we lay on

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Keep on spending ‘til we’re good and sore

And when the countries broke,

you’ll find some other ways to spend some more.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Pelosi, Reid, Obama

Double-digit unemployment, we’ll send “Thank-you’s” all tomorrow.


Don’t forget to click the link above and visit the Young Cons website.

Young Cons John Riddle and David Rufful: Obama Reid Pelosi (video)

  • Thanks for the post. I am one of the rappers from the video. The taller one wearing the “rep the King” shirt, which should always be our goal. The official lyrics to the song are on our website here:

    You did a good job at identifying a lot of them though.

    Always to Christ be the glory.

    Soli Deo Gloria

    • Josh, thanks so much for coming by. Don’t why I didn’t think to look for the lyrics at your place. BTW, I wondered what that “White boy” was about, now I see it is “white noise”:-)

      You have a beautiful and worthy purpose, and it is comforting to know that you are on a University campus, and perhaps there are others similarily dedicated to the Founding Fathers and the Father Almighty.

      Always to Christ be the glory.