Wall Streets Keith Mastronardi Falls, Dies: Vyapar Capital Keith Mastronardi Dies

Vypar Capital Market Partners’ Keith Mastronardi has died after falling from his 5th floor apartment window on New York City’s Upper Side. Mastroarndi was 31 years old and the father of three children, one an infant. Mrs. Mastronardi was taken from her home, uninjured, on a stretcher.

Keith Mastronardi

Mr. Mastronardi was either leaning out of his window to try to remove cigarette smoke from the apartment, or was trying to get the window open when it is believed he slipped and fell.

Mrs. Mastronardi

New York Post:

The couple had been drinking at the time when Mastronardi lost his balance and tumbled, sources said.

The woman was taken out on a stretcher, but was not injured.

Mastronardi was head of exotic derivatives at the India-based firm Vyapar Capital Market

A Daily Mail report is slightly different:

Police sources told the Wall Street Journal Mrs Mastronardi, who had also been drinking heavily, was taken to the New York Presbyterian Hospital for psychological evaluation.

His body was found in a courtyard behind the apartment building at around 10.30pm, according to police.

On Facebook, he is listed as father to two boys called Tyler and Luca. Last September he announced his wife was expecting a baby girl…

Joe Gomez, an attendant at the parking lot next door, told the Daily News the sound of Mr Mastronardi hitting the ground was so loud he ran for cover.,,

He said: ‘I heard a loud bang from the back. It sounded like a bomb – very hard. I never heard something like that before.’

His brother, Marc Mastronardi, told the Post: ‘He was an amazing and loving father and we’ll really miss him.’

  • Fell, pushed or jumped? Something is fishy about this.

  • Don’t drink and derive!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist a bad math joke. My condolences to his family.

    • d

      You bastard. Keith was a wonderful husband, father and friend. Would you like someone to make jokes after your friend died? For shame.

      • d No one is being disrespectful. You replied to Chris’ comment, and I can tell you, he meant no disrespect. The quip came from the name of Mr. Mastronardi’s job.

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