The Military Headscarf in Afghanistan Dilemma: The Few. The Proud. The Hijabed.

The Few. The Proud. The Hijabed. Once again, the issue of women military wearing hijabs or headscarves on visits to Afghan villages, is raising concerns and some outrage. Admiral Mike Mullen explains that the women are not ordered to don the headscarf, but can choose to wear it if they feel more comfortable, feel safer, or feel they are better welcomed into the community they are visiting. Mullen insists it is a personal choice.

U.S. Military in headscarf, no helmet in Afghanistan

A Blaze story quotes Major Kyndra Rotunda, the executive director of the Military Law and Policy Institute saying military personnel being “encouraged” to do something is “tantamount” to be ordered to do it.

Facial hair is banned in the American Air Force, Army and Marines, but we know our men would be more welcome in the Muslim male garb. Add a turban to adorn a beard and you certainly will be more easily accepted. How about sandals? It could be a personal choice.

U.S. Military in Hijab

In the military, beards are not accepted, unless for health reasons or unless you are a Muslim. If you are an orthodox Jew, you’re out of luck – no beard for you – no facial hair. If a beard makes our men feel more comfortable in Muslim countries, then it should be allowed, and surely the Admiral can make it happen.

The fact is, American military are infidels like the rest of us. If the women in Afghanistan want our help, then let them accept the helmet sans headscarf, and if the U.S. Military can’t believe the women are safe in these positions, don’t send them in. Our military strength is our Nation’s might. We should never step outside our ideals and beliefs. Muslims forcing women to cover their hair should not be mimicked by our Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Read the entire story at The Daily Caller, including the remarks of Col. Martha McSally, who fought this battle in Saudi Arabia.

  • We submit ti islamic demands at our own peril, as sharia creeps creeps creeps – like the from in the pot of ever increasingly warm water, by the time it’s too hot & we need to jump out it is too late.

  • BobF

    I bet the guys are wondering whey they can’t wear Arab headdress too. I’ve took a picture from the boom-pod of a KC-135 while refueling an AWACS back in 1980 over Saudi Arabia. The AWACS crew were all wearing Arab headdress.

  • Next it will be forcing them into burkas.

    Our Dhimmtude is going along nicely.

  • Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t believe a headscarf will protect these pretty little heads like a helmet will.

  • Meanwhile we say that Muslim sensibilities don’t matter when we repeal do not ask do not tell.

  • Have we gone completely stupid or what?

    Would the West force a Muslimah here in the West to wear a bikini? Nope.