Sergio Salcido Luna Moon Murdered: Kevin Joel Romero Murdered: Americans Die at Border

You think it’s safe to cross the border into or out of Mexico at San Diego with American license plates on your car? If you do, you are very, very wrong. Two Americans were shot dead this morning while waiting to cross into the U.S. from Mexico this morning. Professional mixed-martial arts fighter Sergio Salcido Luna Moon, 25, was sitting his truck in the queue to cross, along with his friend Kevin Joel Romero, 28. A gunman walked up to their truck with a California license plate and fired at least five times, killing both men at the San Ysidro-San Diego border crossing point. See UPDATES below.

Sergio Lucido Luna Moon

The two men were close friends and trained together. The men were in a truck belonging to their employer, West Coast Beverage Maintenance. Luna Moon and Romero were hit in the head, arms and chest. Nine mm shell casings were found in their vehicle. According to this report, both men lived in Tijuana and were carpooling. The owner of West Coast Beverage Maintenance did not want to be identified but said this, about these two young men:

He says Salcido and Romero worked for West Coast for a little more than a year, and they were hard workers who were “very respectful” and “would walk into a room and give you a handshake and a hug.”

The owner says Romero was married and had adopted his wife’s five-year-old son.

He also says the men lived clean lives. Romero didn’t drink and they both trained together as Salcido prepared for upcoming fights.

The owner of West Coast beverage said Romero grew up in San Diego, but he moved to Tijuana because it was cheaper to live there.

He also says both men always wanted to work extra hours to make more money, and they never got into trouble.

San Ysidro-Tijuana Mexico Border Crossing


Readers, I’m not certain of Sergio’s name. A San Diego website shows it as “Luna,” and the MMA Valor website shows his name as Sergio Lucido Moon, so I used both. Apparently, some close to Sergio say he moved to Mexico “where he did not belong,” because the MMA world would not give him the opportunities he needed for his career to progress:

Salcido, who had nine professional MMA fights had started out in Bakersfield, California where he had fought several times for the Gladiator Challenge promotion.

According to his close friend and fellow fighter, Dominique Robinson “the sport had failed him” so Salcido moved from Bakersfield to San Diego, California in chase of his MMA dream. He would continue to train and fight while in San Diego for Long Beach Fight Night and also Tachi Palace but would ultimately once again be let down by the sport he loved. Salcida ended up moving to Mexico where he was promised many things that would allow him to continue to chase the dream he wanted so badly.

“MMA killed him!” said Robinson, “He should have never been there… no buddy helped him. He left his home in Bakersfield to San Diego and then to Mexico, where he should have never been and he f**king got killed. He would have never been there if people would have gave him a shot at anything,” explained a disgusted Robinson.

The murders happened at about 2:40 am today. If you haven’t been to this border crossing, the largest in the world, you can see how huge and busy it is in the photo above.

UPDATE 10:30 am CDT: Fox News is reporting that officials believe this was not a random killing and theorize that Luna-Moon and Romero were moving drugs and something went wrong with the deal (and say a small amount of some illegal drug was found in the truck). What a shame. I hope these men have not been smeared without cause.

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  • I never took a car down there, never- even in 1990

    I know a guy who got stopped for doing nothing, and in the police station yard he caught one of the cops trying to slip a brick of pot under the seat of his car!

    He said “Hey, what are you doing” and all the cops standing around started laughing.

    They then just scared him by locking him up for a couple hours- and just let him go

    True story- that’s all I needed to hear, I was mostly concerned about auto theft anyway, but it can get far, far worse in TJ- esp nowadays

  • The first rule of Fight Club is…

    RR, I’m with you. They couldn’t pay me to cross over into Mexico these days. But I actually did have a little adventure near that I-5 crossing back in 2008. If you’re interested you can read about it here: