Seattle Palestine Israel Billboard: Folks Don’t Like It!

Wow! Maybe I don’t have to completely give up on Seattle. The billboard below went up and and the folks didn’t like it. The “Joooo-haters” are complaining about their free speech, and you know, I don’t disagree with them, but it is good to know the people don’t like these messages supporting terrorism. As to Free Speech, the billboard doesn’t sport an honest message, because we have given billions to Palestine, but they don’t have an army, so we fund their terrorists. Not only do we give aid directly to Palestinians, we give to UNRWA to then funnels the money to Hamas.

  • Maggie … this is why you have the best blog on the web. You tell the truth as it is. Continue sharing the true facts with our nation … there is still hope for America.

    • Carl, thank you for that very generous comment. I do believe there is still hope for America. The Liberty Guerilla campaign energized me and I love the idea of the sticky note. A small step, but a fun one, and one to focus on the bottom line of what we’re up against.

  • The Palestinians should take it up with the murderous crooks running the place…

    • Silver, Amen to that. The truth about Palestine is harder to get out than Obama’s communist roots.