Sarah Steelman Claire McCaskill: Sarah Steelman US Senate, then US President?

I was reading at The Other McCain this morning and saw a video ad for Republican Sarah Steelman detailing why voters must send corrupt Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) back home in the next election. I vaguely remembered that Steelman, currently the Missouri State Treasurer, was highly touted in the past by some Left media. Turns out, it was the New York Times in May 2008, which put her among a list of seventeen women most likely to be the first female president of the U.S. I note that they also muse there are few women to look forward to, and especially few Republican women! What a difference three years can make. See a video below.

Sarah Steelman

Assuming that Hillary passes on a run, the NYT characterizes the first female president this way:

That woman will come from the South, or west of the Mississippi. She will be a Democrat who has won in a red state, or a Republican who has emerged from the private sector to run for governor. She will have executive experience, and have served in a job like attorney general, where she will have proven herself to be “a fighter” (a caring one, of course).

She will be young enough to qualify as postfeminist (in the way Senator Barack Obama has come off as postracial), unencumbered by the battles of the past. She will be married with children, but not young children. She will be emphasizing her experience, and wearing, yes, pantsuits.

Just an observation, but an amusingly important one: Sarah Steelman will NOT be wearing Hillary-pants.

Republicans in the discussion along with Sarah Steelman, are Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Condelessa Rice. I won’t go through the Democrats but it is worth noting that Chelsea Clinton and Maria Shriver are mentioned.

Visit The Other McCain for the new, powerful ad Steelman is running against McCaskill. The following video gives a good sense of who Sarah Steelman is. She is deeply rooted in Republicanism, and in the video it leads me to believe, those roots reach all the way to Conservatism, but maybe not. As with all candidates, she deserves scrutiny, as I know little about her – but she is not Claire McCaskill. Steelman’s husband was a Republican leader in the Missouri House, and her father-in-law a state party chairman.

Read an impressive letter at River Rising Review written by Sarah Steelman, which recounts an inspiring meeting with an Iraqi man who says he is 54 years old, but was born 11 years ago when he came to the United States.


Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate (video)

  • Be careful with Steelman. Her associations as exposed by some in the Tea Party are eason to be concerned. I don’t believe Iver Rising Review will endorse her as a true conservative is weeks from throwing his name into the race.

    • BB, thanks. I did put a disclaimer in, but put her here because I liked the campaign ad, and on the surface she looks good. She has to be better than McCaskill. When I get some time I’ll look at what the Tea Party is saying.

  • That Chelsea Clinton and Maria Kennedy are named, despite having done nothing to merit mention just shows how dynastic and pop-culture fluffy our politics have become.

    Steelman sounds like the real deal. Have you noticed McCaskill is sounding like a conservative republican these days. Elections have a way of focusing the politician’s mind (and bringing out the chameleon)

  • Bungalow Bill: I have attended tea party events and I consider myself part of the movement, but let’s not treat it as the end all and be all.

    Tea party fervor over a snake oil salesman here in Colorado got us a Obama democrat elected governor. I don’t care who endorses who, I want to hear the candidates make their cases. It’s way too early to be slamming doors on people.

    Regardless of who is involved, politics is a dirty business and there are always agenda. I’ll think for myself, thank you.