Sarah Palin: Donald Trumps Birth Certificate Search Video

Sarah Palin is asked about Donald Trump’s claim that he has gumshoes on the ground looking for Obama’s birth certificate. Palin has indicated in the past that this is a prime issue for her, and as you’ll hear, she assumes he was born in the U.S. because of the birth announcement in the Honolulu paper, but she says she doesn’t understand why he is not making available the proof that would take this issue away. See the video below.

Sarah Palin

Palin says it is “perplexing” for some people, and let’s just put a face on the people NOT perplexed: If you do not have respect for the U.S. Constitution, and/or if you believe it is a living/breathing document, and/or you don’t understand the meaning of “natural born status,” and/or you just want your man, and your man deserves to lead the Free World, then you will not be perplexed.

I appreciate that the Donald wants to spend his resources on something that so interests him and so many Americans, you know more power to him….

I think that he was born in Hawaii because there was the birth announcement put in the newspaper. But obviously there is something there that the president doesn’t want people to see on that birth certificate, that he sees going to great lengths to make sure it isn’t shown. And that’s perplexing for a lot of people.

Visit Si Vis Pacem for a very interesting article remembering FBI Agent Gary Aldrich spilling the story of wild Clinton sex parties in the White House, only to be silenced by the Democrat machine, until the Monica story broke.


Sarah Palin on Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate Search (video)

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  • Ran

    Palin and Trump are both missing the point:

    The public has the right to demand of every candidate and public servant that they disclose full bona fides. Birthplace, citizenship record, military service record, academic record – the works. There simply is nothing weird about asking this of The Former President Elect.

    To the contrary: The onus is on the former candidate Obama to make good on the request. It is sheer blithe arrogance that keeps The Won from a candid up-front publication of his documents. I want to see EVERY candidate post their documents for public scrutiny. No exceptions.

    If a public official has genuine need of privacy, then they should stay off the public payroll. If they seek public office, fess-up the full resume. Is this unfair?

    • I’m in complete agreement, altho I think the Donald is fairly close to that. I want a law on the books in every state, but I also want a federal law that makes it impossible to pull something like this again. I think Nancy Pelosi knows the story and fixed the deal when she certified to the states. She obviously had no way to certify so she changed the language in every state but Hawaii. I have the copy of the Oklahoma certification from both Boehner and Pelosi. Big difference.

      We know there are people like Obama who have no qualms about grabbing the government without being Constitutional, but some authority has to be above the candidates. I also believe every Senator and every Congressman should have to sign the certification saying they have know the natural born status has been fulfilled, swearing under perjury.

      I am all for state’s rights, but in this case, I believe there must ALSO be sworn federal authorities.

      • Bingo. As far as the evidence on our current President, it’s not my priority. But I never want this to be an issue again.

  • I’ve always had the belief that Obama was born in Kenya…all the obvious (and logical) evidence is right out in front… and if you boil it all down to the fact that Obama continues to fight and spend millions to prevent disclosure it is more than ample evidence…it’s a admittance of guilt…and that’s a logical conclusion…for it’s insane to spend millions when all he has to do is show us a slip of paper with the truth…only a liar would defend a lie and obviously he’s spending a bundle in defense fees…

  • I think Obama keeps this alive because it serves as a distraction.

  • Something Donald said in an interview was.. He could have been born in Kenya, and then his family migrated to Hawaii, in that week before the birth announcement in the papers. This is an interesting possibility. I wonder if anyone has checked into their travel records.
    Maybe the parents wanted the Kenyan born baby to be a US citizen, so they filed an announcement in the Hawaiian paper. Just in case in the future, there was a question about his citizenship for legal purposes. My brother was born in Hawaii in 1948. He has a birth certificate. Why doesn’t Obama. Really strange. Not much we can do but we should make it law that ever candidate produce a certificate. I don’t see a problem with privacy. When you run to be the leader of this country, you should lose your privacy.

  • Ran

    Thanks for the link Maggie!
    I want to see the school records – all of them – Occidental, Columbia, Harvard – along with their applications. Something about his myth just doesn’t work – especially the part where a guy with an IQ “through the roof” is rather a 40Watt bulb.