Sarah Palin at Her Best: Hells No to Debt Ceiling: Oil, Earnings, Subsidies, Primaries

“With all due due respect to the office of the White House, Obama does not know what he’s doing when it comes to energy,” says former Governor Sarah Palin. In the video Brett Baier asks: so you are in favor of ending the subsidies to big oil? She replies that she would have to look at exactly what it is Obama has planned, and tells Baier “You have no idea how large an entity the oil companies are when it comes to lobbying Washington, D.C. and insists that it is the entrepreneurial small explorer that is needed. Asked about raising the debt ceiling, she says “hells no! to our unstainable, inethical, immoral debt.” She blasts Obama for leaving our problems on the table and fundraising for a million dollar war chest 19 months before Election Day. She says she does not want to believe that our president is chosen because of the size of his fundraising. She is dynamite.

Sarah Palin at her best: Debt Ceiling, Oil, and Primaries (video)

  • Pancho

    Please! Sarah Palin is a moron. I’ve know the family for 23 years and they’re mostly trailer trash with middle class incomes.