Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump Interview: China, The Budget and Obama

Donald Trump

Rush Limbaugh interviewed Donald Trump yesterday. Rush’s charity telethon was underway for Leukemia, and The Donald gives $100,000. Then the talk moves to China, and I love Trumps thoughts on China. Will they work, I don’t know, but I think he might. Rush asks him about comments he made just a few days after the November 2008 in support of Barack Obama. Trump spins it. If you don’t know about those comments, check them out here. He calls G. W. Bush “sooo evil,” and talks about what kind of leader he thinks Obama would be. He was wrong on every point. Now with Rush, he says Obama doesn’t have the capability to be a great president. Too bad he didn’t pay attention and ask the right questions before the 2008 election. We could have used him on our side.

Trump admonishes Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plans for Medicare, and advises the GOP not to get too far out with some of these plans. He says he will cherish Senior citizens. I’ll say this, there is so much fraud and corruption in Medicare. See the video at Right Scoop.

  • Thanks Maggie, I’ll check it out right now

  • Donald Trump for President. He is the only one that can defeat Obama, and has got it right this time. It is my hope & prayer that Obama is imprisoned for treason and all of his partners in crime. Obama has about ruined America along with his pay pal George Soros & Wicked Witch Pelosi, what a greedy bunch of thieving liars. “Be sure their sin will find them out.”