Ron Hirsch Santa Monica Chabad Lubavitch: Ron Hirsch Sought – Pipe Bomb Intentional – Not an Industrial Accident

News this morning that the pipe bomb explosion at Santa Monica, California’s Chabad House Lbuavitch on April 9th, was indeed a deliberate attack against the Jewish synagogue. In the early hours of the explosion, a hate-crime was suspected, until later that day when it was announced there had been a chemical reaction in a bucket holding the 300-pound pipe and other debris. Today,  transient Ron Hirsh (60) is being sought after items linked to him were found “in and around” the area. Residents, many of whom are Jewish, have been warned to be “extra vigilant.”

Ron Hirsch

Fox News:

“The device appeared to have been deliberately constructed,” Trisler said. “Based on his suspected involvement in this incident, Hirsch is considered extremely dangerous,” Trisler said.

Hirsch, who is known to spend time at synagogues and Jewish community centers seeking charity, is wanted on state charges of possession of a destructive device and unrelated local charges, Trisler said.

Authorities said they knew of no motive behind the explosion, and Jewish groups said they did not believe anti-Semitism was necessarily behind it.

Santa Monica's Chabad House Lubavitch

The 300-pound pipe bomb, 4 feet long, with the bottom enclosed in concrete, flew some 25 feet in the air and lodged in the roof of a stand-alone building next to Chabad House Lubavitch where a young boy was sleeping. Twenty persons were inside the synagogue, just beginning Passover services when the explosion happened. No one was hurt in the blast.

Yesterday, the Anti-Defamation League issued a security alert to Jewish organization in the Los Angeles area.

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