Prof Ellen Lewin Tells U of Iowa College Republicans F-YOU

The University of Iowa’s College Republicans sent out a blast email to the university community – an email which had been approved by “several university officials,” royal teed off professor Lewin, and she blasted her own response saying “#*@% [F-Word] YOU, REPUBLICANS,” on university email. She accused the group of “appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement,” being insensitive to animal rights, denigrating the protesting union workers in Wisconsin, and maybe, destroying the “whole wide world,” oh sorry, that was Democrat Congressman Edward Markey.

Professor Ellen Lewin

College Republican Chairwoman, Natalie Ginty,  immediately demanded an apology from Lewin’s supervisors. If Lewin’s obscenity puzzles you, let me tell you what she is professor of: Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies. She either doesn’t like Republicans in general, or the email’s subject line,  “Conservative Coming Out Week,” or both.

Lewin did give a kinda/sorta apology and asked that the organization not send blanket emails, but the school had approved the email and the way it was sent. After the apology email, she sent this one:

I should note that several things in the original message were extremely offensive, nearly rising to the level of obscenity.  Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event “conservative coming out day,” appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement.   Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work.  And the “Animal Rights BBQ” is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause.  Then, in the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member, or indeed, for anyone to refer to an adult with whom they are not acquainted.  I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive.

Note that Ginty referred to Lewin as Ellen – totally appropriate for an educator who hardly deserves respect after telling students to F-You.

Look at this, the faculty advisor for the University of Iowa College Republicans, Professor Tim Hagel, stood by the group in several ways – and I find his words to Lewin, in a university setting, completely refreshing:

It’s not my place at this point to debate the merits of whether the CR message was offense, but let me remind you that they have First Amendment rights as much as you do and that their message was approved for mass distribution by the VP for Student Services, as was indicated at the bottom of the original message.

Let me also note that I found your complaint about Ms. Ginty’s use of your first name to be rather ironic.  As much as I agree with you that it would have been better for her to have shown the respect for your position by referring to you as “Professor,” respect is a two way street and you clearly did not show respect for the College Republicans in your initial response.

Ms. Ginty did not back down, and was not timid in her initial complaint. The school did not back down. Well done, Professor Hagel. These are the kind of Republicans we desperately need.



  • I guess this is the new civility.

  • “Professor” Ellen needs to pull up her big girl pants.

    And by the way, “appropriating the language of the LGBT community” is near obscenity? Short memory, “Professor.” D’you remember when “gay” meant “happy,” and not homosexual.

    *putz (p ts) n. 1. Slang A fool; an idiot.

  • Here’s an interview with University of Iowa Professors Timothy Hagle and Kembrew McLeod, Matt Sowada, the conservative co-host of the political talk radio show American Reason on KRUI, and Rod Sullivan from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors about Professor Ellen Lewin’s “F— You, Republicans!” email response to the University of Iowa College Republicans campus-wide invite for people to participate in “Conservative Coming Out Week.”

  • Randy Crawford

    Peter Wood in the Chronicle of Higher Education is very perceptive in pointing out “Prof. Lewin’s three-word response to the College Republicans is one of those very short stories that point to a much larger one.” This is true because Lewin is part of a much larger chronic and entrenched problem that has afflicted the University of Iowa and other universities for decades, as well as adjacent towns which the misapplied millions of scholastic dollars handily corrupt. In Iowa City, the affliction is Lewin & Company’s homosexual mafia, which ordinarily strives to go as unnoticed as possible for the sake of deniability as it fleeces the taxpayers to further their selfish goals. They want public money to finance and promote what they aver to be, whenever convenient, their ‘personal’ lives. This assertion is convenient indeed because the ruse is designed to deprive the public of scrutiny as to the racket’s selfishness and ulterior motives once the taxpayers have paid for them. They would like anyone who speaks about racket activities to be dismissed as a ranting lunatic, or at least reflexively be told to buzz off using cruder vocabulary. But, if you have been to Iowa City in person and directly observed decades of this racket’s elaborate sequences of L.I.E.S., as in Lies, Infiltration, Espionage, and Sabotage, then you will better appreciate Shakespeare was perceptive indeed about the baser nature of human degeneracy when he made manifest the selfish character of Iago and the plot of Othello. Lewin and her accomplices usually operate by creeping along in indirect secrecy as did Iago, hiding behind manipulated front-men and feigned friendship. So, the only real news about Lewin’s infantile outburst is that she lost self control of her usual concealed intemperance and was momentarily imprudent about being impudent. Amidst the shadows and anesthetic fog contrived as camouflage by this racket, Lewin’s tiny tantrum is indeed merely the very short tip of a much larger iceberg. When particularly overbearing, selfish, and insistent on self-aggrandizement at someone else’s expense, the Iowa City homosexual mafia racketeering activities have even led to multiple murders on campus and in town. If this racket continues uncorrected, we can expect repeat performances of similar tragedies to likely occur yet again in the future, aided and abetted in that the literary interest of Iowa writers, journalists, and institutional criminal investigators clustered around the local University of Zero Nobel Prizes tends greatly toward censoring them from the public stage. The network is engineered to protect its own, and the desire for continued unquestioned shovelling of tax dollars as they have been is indeed the root of much evil. As to the homicidal peculiarities of Iowa City I will offer several egregious examples, and after that I will note how it is that homosexuality evolved as it did in our species, how it was formerly useful, and how it is that homosexuality is now obsolete.

    After several years of noticing various bits of manure scattered here and there, manure that obviously was leaking out of a much larger overstuffed bag, I was blackmailed at the felony level (Code of Iowa, 711.4 paragraph 5) by a University of Iowa administrator named Carol Aschenbrener, Associate Dean of medical students and now a bigwig in Washington D.C. at the American Association of Medical Colleges. Aschenbrener also had money-juggling activities going on in Iowa City with thousands or maybe millions of dollars of misdirected Federal student loan funds (via her subordinate Kay Colangelo). The felony activity was based on years of lies and prior set-ups. When I talked to the wife of the local prosecutor, then-County Attorney Pat White, instead of prosecuting Ashenbrener he tipped her off ergo Aschenbrener had a university administrator friend in Columbia, Missouri try to bribe me out of state with a job offer to get rid of me. The Johnson Co. Democratic Party homosexual racket protection machine entrenched in Iowa City is happy to cover up crimes for select leadership, and White’s sinecure job security largely depended on keeping certain well-placed operatives like Aschenbrener happy. Part of the courthouse end of the Johnson Co. Democrat racket is further designed to produce rigged non-random jury panels. That way, in case a prosecutor has to appear to put on a vigorous prosecution effort to look convincing– then the protected party who contrived the jury from the fabricated jury panel still won’t have anything to worry about. Not if that select individual is a key Democrat apparatchik in Iowa City. A few years after I experienced blackmail myself, Aschenbrener’s friend T. Anne Cleary, financially related to Aschenbrener and also part of the Iowa City/university lesbian network, blackmailed an already unstable student named Lu Gang. Shortly after, in Nov. 1991, Lu Gang a.k.a. Gang Lu pulled out his gun and shot Cleary dead along with 4 or 5 others on campus (cf. the book “Deadly Scholarship” by Edwin Chen). Cleary’s title at the time was University Vice-President, and her successor under a new title of Associate Provost was Susan R. Johnson, yet another part of the Iowa City university lesbian network, who had previously been Dean of Faculty at the medical school and has for years been happy as Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynceology at the public university to go kill babies at the Emma Goldman abortion mill, which in turn generates blood-money profits for Democrat candidates. Lewin was hired into the University under Susan R. Johnson and “like-minded individuals” who are always trying to promote their own supposedly ‘personal-life’ agendas but on the taxpayer’s dime, especially when few or none notice what their elaborate hypocrisy is all about. So of course they would like to keep their cozy racket as covered-up and denied as possible. Mafia-styled organizations generally do. What was revealed by Ellen Lewin’s infantile outburst out of the Dept. of [Lesbian] Women’s Studies was merely a rare instance of lack of control in relation to concealing what is ordinarily kept concealed. Their philosophy and conduct is all about total dictatorship and censorship, Newspeak like Orwell’s book “1984” as in control over what they imperiously deem to be crimethought or hatespeech, and keeping the peasant taxpayers as passively ignorant as a herd of sheep. There are many other examples of Iowa City’s problem with institutionalized “personal” perversion that they want funded by public money embezzled from state and federal tax monies, such as nursing professors manipulating nursing students into literally prostituting themselves in the beds of nursing professors before being swapped around like pieces of meat, Steve Sueppel clubbing his family to death Easter 2008 with the Iowa City police promptly denying the very next day they could ever possibly get to the bottom of the case, (This ludicrous attempt at public anesthesia was offered after Sueppel had spent hours leaving blow-by-blow teasing accounts on voicemail in his dad’s and brother’s law office the night of the multiple murders, plus written notes all over the murder scene as he was carrying out his murder sequences.), the shooting of Eric Shaw as initiated by and covered up by Iowa City policeman Troy Kelsay, and other day-to-day examples of the homosexual network making as sure as possible that few or no ordinary citizens figure out how criminally corrupt and perverted they have made themselves, the “University” of Iowa, and all the aspects of legitimate governmental function they can stealthily infest to render illegitimate. Just remember Abraham Lincoln said: “You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.” The homosexual racket in Iowa City, funded with millions of dollars milked away from the allegedly “State” University, is far more dangerous in its deeds and aspirations than most plundered citizens realize. Continued anesthesia in the victims promotes continued plundering by the criminal racket, so that the perverted few can continue to prosper at the expense of the gullible many. To facilitate anesthesia about the homosexual racket, the Des Moines Register, Cedar Rapids Gazette, and Iowa City Press-Citizen are habitually eager accomplices, along with most TV stations. That’s why they were infiltrated and taken over years ago. And, for past performance according to Iowa City standards, Assoc. Provost Susan R. Johnson has meanwhile been promoted to University Omsbudsperson in University President Sally Mason’s office. So she’s in a very good position to protect Lewin and keep her on the state payroll at taxpayer expense, or if need be find Lewin a cushy sinecure in some other state where Joe Citizen has been kept even more ignorant as to how the homosexual racket juggles appearances whenever needed. It makes me wonder: Since the title omsbudsperson must be so insensitive and disrespectful to the needs of our oppressed lesbian sisterhood, how long will it be until Johnson is exalted by Big Sister with the more politically correct and deemed-appropriate title of University Omsbudsperdaughter?

    Once a person has seen the selfish and vicious nature of homosexual racketeering in a place like Iowa City, or any other setting, it makes one wonder further how it can be that such dysfunctional individuals and networks would come into existence and occur across the planet. Although homosexuality is rare in the animal world it is seen more often in humans. Why? It’s because our children have prolonged vulnerable juvenile phases and need extra layers of protection. During most of historic time throughout the evolution of Homo sapiens, our ape and caveman ancestors had to live marginally as migrating tribes of highly competitive hunter-gatherers. The average tribe consisted of about 100-150 individuals because fewer couldn’t support and defend themselves well in most parts of the world, and a larger tribe tended to overgraze the local ecological niche to the point of starvation. Population density was about one person per square mile in any temporary hunting territory of about ten or twelve miles by about ten or twelve miles– the area that could be patrolled, used, and protected against intruding caveman competitors. The core of each tribe was about a dozen guys bred to go off on hunting and warring trips. This is reflected in the modern fascination with watching about a dozen muscle-bound maniacs chase some kind of ball or another in the face of another dozen or so adversaries. That type of thing used to determine who hunted down food and who starved, plus who did the slaughtering in battle over hunting territory vs. who was slaughtered, so to this day we are hard-wired by the results of Darwinian selection to be interested in contests of a dozen on this team vs. a dozen on that team. A much smaller number has a hard time cornering and spearing antelopes or deer and defending against rival tribes, and a much larger number is hard to direct for stealthy hunting or keeping under one strongman’s rule. For similar practical reasons of achievement, stealth, command, and control, an Army squad is about a dozen soldiers as a further reflection of what evolution has selected for human vs. human competition as to effective unit size. For hundreds of thousands of previous years, and for most of the thousands of years since the latest version of our species has come into existence, male mortality was so high from daily hunting and combat that for each adult male there were about three or four adult females. This in modern times is reflected in that a modern woman will be fertile for only about a third of any given month because her current newly-matured egg will live for only about 11 days. Also, this is why during the infertile menstrual period, when women cannot become pregnant anyway, it is good for the species for the non-impregnable women to be behaviorally obnoxious and thus drive the caveman and his sperm cells off in the direction of other women who might be in the fertile phase of the month. Beyond the dozen cavemen and forty or so cavewomen were the children, produced at the rate of about one per woman per year but with a very high rate of child mortality depending on weather, starvation, and diseases as simple as diarrhea, as seen in modern impoverished nations. Cavemen and their harems were self-sufficient and producing the next generation about age fifteen, which means that once they got to about age thirty and their children had grown to fifteen, the “anyone over thirty” crowd was, to the evolutionary needs of the species, obsolete, discardable, and just plain basically in the way of the younger crowd who needed whatever food the ecological niche could supply. This is why we are evolved to start falling apart past the age of thirty– for thousands of years anyone older than that hasn’t been essential to the severe demands of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. More specifically, our immune systems are controlled by the T-cells from the thymus. These are the cells specifically attacked by the AIDS virus, and when they are taken out the immune system falls apart to the mortal danger of the human so afflicted. When we are born our thymuses are at their apogee of size and they slowly wither or involute as we develop through childhood. By age twenty-five little of the thymus is left, and about age thirty nothing functional is left of the thymus– only perhaps some wasted wisps of useless tissue residue. Who needs an immune system to stay alive in the Stone Age past 30 or 35 when you are just an aging cripple who is in the way of those members of the species bearing fresh new combinations of DNA? So, very few in that harsh world made it to the ripe old age of even 39. (Note: the last T-cells produced in the late 20’s can if pampered survive in the blood for another thirty years or so, which is why modern humans with cushy lives supported by agriculture and technology can survive ordinarily until our 60’s. After that, we irrevocably fall apart at an increasing rate as the remaining T-cells decline in number rapidly, and can therefore no longer protect us from infectious, degenerative, and malignant disease processes.) To avoid starvation, the tribe’s men had to frequently take their squad off hunting and patrolling the manageably-sized hunting territory, as well as prospecting for new areas to hunt when the current game supply was depleted or migrated away. Who would be left to guard the women and children from enemy tribes and hungry beasts meanwhile? Enemy tribes survived best if they destroyed competing broods such as yours. They loved to plunder, rape, and pillage– carrying off the most desirable women and booty to their own harems. Just look at modern soliders run amok and exhibiting the uncivilized behavior of apes. There were also roving wolves, cave bears, and other ferocious beasts who had their own young to feed at your expense. So, who would be left to guard the women and children back at the cave when the men were off hunting? The tribes that evolved homosexual males had an advantage in evolutionary competition. They were functional eunuchs who could be trusted back home to not impregnate the harem, yet they had the muscular strength of men for defending the cave even if they preferred painting it or killing time in theatrical performances with costumes done up in the latest B.C. fashion. If a homosexual male were killed defending the cave in exchange for food, his death didn’t cost the life of a father who had a greater survival interest in his own children. At the same time, if a few women hated to engage in reproductive frolicking and/or were too ugly to be alluring, it would be an evolutionary survival advantage to have a few lesbians around to help with the time demands of childcare. Human babies need a lot of attention, and so without grandparents surviving to old age past 30 or 40 to help with defense or childcare, the lesbians could help the species survive by babysitting in the caves while mama got some rest or went foraging. The lesbians were also expendable foragers themselves, since if a predator got one instead of mother it wouldn’t be a risk to baby’s survival. That’s the way it was thousands of years ago, when there was a Darwininan caveguard and babysitting use for homosexuality. The tribes doing things that way prospered, and those that didn’t tended to be outcompeted. Similarly, those who practiced murder and rape and stealing prospered at the expense of those who didn’t. In the absence of law, the only rule was by muscle and fang. Then we evolved enough in various places around the world about 6,000-8,000 years ago that we could develop agriculture, and later some technology, so we could settle down in fixed locations for a stable food supply and easier lives. People could live commonly rather than rarely past the age of 30, so surviving grandparents and their accumulated wisdom toward law, government, science, history, techology, and writing became possible. Population density and the frequency of venereal disease became more common, particularly leading to taboos about previously unregulated sexual behavior as expressed in newly evolved law, religion, and religious laws. Population density, proximity, and interdependency made murder, rape, and stealing deleterious to a society that had previously not existed, and villages that were harmonious and responsibly governed prospered in Darwinian competition against villages that could not cooperate amongst the inhabitants under any system of laws observed in common. Homosexuality evolved to serve the Darwininan competition needs of Stone Age and earlier bonobo-level primate existence. But once we progressed out of the Stone Age, homosexuality became obsolete particularly as to the tendency toward avoidable diseases in the homosexual male. With grandparents, babysitters, and occasionally police now available to protect children, the utility of homosexuality has become an obsolete atavism. Other atavisms include the monkey tail our ancestors used to need. It has withered to the vestigial coccygeal bones, which are seen protruding like a monkey’s tail only among a few babies born with that atavism. Treacher-Collins and Pierre-Robin Syndromes are atavisms harkening back to the days when our ancestors were fish and needed gill slits to survive. Lanugo seen on some babies born a few days early is another atavism that reflects the fact that not too long ago our ancestors were hairy apes. Behavioral atavisms include the Moro reflex, a harkening back to baby monkeys surviving best when falling if they reach out and grab passing tree branches. Another behavioral atavism is the instinct to cough when the ear canal (a relic of ancient fish gill slits) is cleaned with a Q-tip, harkening back to fish wanting to keep their gill breathing apparatus cleared of debris. Homosexuality is just another obsolete atavism, and we are fools if we allow those exhibiting it to pose as dictatorial leaders of other humans when homosexuality was evolved as an accessory function for tending to the harem and the brood. Homosexuals by their actions exhibit their evolved unfitness for leadership in the modern world, just as they were subservient in the prehistoric world. And by tending to congregate around the young for purportedly educational purposes they further illustrate the ends to which they were designed by evolutionary processes. The job of homosexuals is to serve rather than direct society, and the job of society is definitely not to serve the selfish agendas of homosexuals no matter how intricate their guile may be.