Portland Oregon Protesters Hate Flag, Harrass Black TEA Partier, Use Gross Language – GD America Videos

The videos below are courtesy of Marooned in Marin. Protesters at a Portland, Oregon TEA Party rally are having a great time: A man says he “wipes his a** with the American Flag every night. Another says, over and over, G** D*** America.  The second video appears to be a the same Rally. A Black TEA Partier receives horrible taunting: he’s called a “token Black man” a “House Black” – “Come on brother, show your face,” rings out.

Please read Marooned in Marin‘s article that reminds us of past despicable behavior in Portland involving our troops and our flag.

Portland Protesters at TEA Party Rally – Gross Language and Behavior – GD America (video)

Portland Protesters Harass Black TEA Partier (Video)

H/T: the Blaze