Peter King: Eric Holder Should Resign: Holder is Out of Touch with the Law: It’s Holder’s Moral Obligation to Resign

With New Jersey radio talkshow host Steve Malzberg, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) discusses Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement yesterday that 9/11 masterminds will be tried at Gitmo and not in a civilian court, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Holder is not happy. You’ll hear his statement again – that he knows what is best, and Congress knows nada. You can hear the anger in his voice. Peter King says if Holder really believes that Congress is so wrong, he has the moral obligation to resign – and he says, Holder “is out of touch with the law.” Yes, that is the story. Obama’s Department of Justice is a lawless department, and the lawlessness is no longer creeping, it’s at full gallop.

Eric Holder

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Peter King on Eric Holder’s Moral Obligation (video)