Paul Ryan Shows Townhall How to Handle the Truth, Not Back Down and Not Harass the Questioner

Congressman Paul Ryan addresses a generally amiable town hall in Wisconsin and get booed, once, for “saying we do tax the top.” You see none of the combativeness of Democrat townhalls when protesters are verbally slayed by pompous and arrogant representatives of the people. Read detailed commentary at Hot Air.

UPDATE: The Daily Caller headline is Paul Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’ fails to inspre fist fights at town halls.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is Booed at Wisconsin Townhall (video)

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  • Paul Ryan is a class act. Whether you agree with him or not he has managed his mission with class.
    For those who criticize the wealthy and advocate for the ‘middle-class’ I submit a challenge. Except for trust fund babies and those who inherited rather than earned their wealth I challenge those who criticize the wealthy to stop depending on others for their income. If you think the wealthy are villains you should review the histories of those who have attained wealth by achieving success even though they were born ot modest means or less. That group is not a small number by anyone’s measure.

    It is disingenuous to claim ‘I am a human, I was born, therefore I deserve an income that matches my needs and wants even though I have not prepared myself to compete in the marketplace.’

    I’m real tired of those who complain they don’t earn enough and blame the rich for it rather than themselves. In my own experience I have fallen from generating a serious income to holding on to less than half of what I once earned. I blame no one but myself. While I was earning the good life I should have prepared for this possibility. It has nothing to do with what the rich earn.

    Stop blaming others for your own mistakes. You sound like Barack Obama.

  • I agree. Paul Ryan treated his constituents with a great deal of respect and actually talked with them and no at them. They might not like the message, but sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow Maggie.

  • Maggie.. Is Ryan a possible candidate for President? I’d love to see him on the ticket.. Man we need people with backbone to run.

  • I find I am just so hungry to hear someone just go after the libs…

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  • bruce bb

    i hate to break it to you neocons,but paul ryans plan for medicare just sunk like a turd in a punch bowl.