Ozzie’s Coffee House Punished with Posting Anti-Union-Discrimination Sign

Our courts are kindergarten cops. Jeff Bauer settled a discrimination lawsuit with former employer, Ozzie’s Coffee Shop. Bauer accused the java joint of refusing to let him unionize, and received $15,500 in compensation. Ozzie’s has to post the following sign in their window for 60 days. It’s reasonable to ask if it’s worth having a business or an American dream these days.

“[Ozzie’s] will not discharge, issue warnings to, reduce the work hours of, or otherwise discriminate against, any employee for engaging in activities on behalf of Industrial Workers of the World, or any other labor organizations, or for engaging in protected concerted activities,” reads the notice.

Parke Slope Coffee House

Store owner Melissa Azulai said Bauer was fire for poor performance, not for organizing, and that she settled because it was cheaper than going to court.

The Brooklyn Paper:

“We got a lot of complaints from customers about Jeff’s service,” said Azulai. “His firing had absolutely nothing to do with him being part of a union.”

As such, the settlement does not get Bauer what he claims he really wanted: his old job back.

“Absolutely not,” said Azulai. “We don’t want him back.”

Luckily for Bauer, he landed a unionized job as a janitor at the College of Staten Island.


  • Anything to extort some cash from an honest business.