Obama’s Absent Easter Message is The Message: Be Grateful America

I am grateful that Obama did not give a nationwide statement on the sanctity of Good Friday or the joyous occasion of Resurrection Sunday — Christian Easter, without which there would be no Christians and no need for Christmas. Israel endured the desecration of Passover this year with this president’s statement chiding them about Palestine’s suffering. I can only imagine a 2011 Easter message, as Obama has become more and more attentive and promotive of  the religious beliefs of the World’s Muslims.

This year Christian pastors were invited to the White House for an Easter prayer breakfast. Obama spoke of his quest to make religion inclusive — a broader effort to welcome people of all faiths to the White House. Franklin Graham is not listed as an invitee, and I still cannot dismiss the fact that Barack Obama’s U.S. Army dis-invited Graham from speaking at the Pentagon’s Prayer Day. I won’t make any comment about those “pastors” attending other than the National Council of Churches was represented – Far-Left and Dangerous, in my opinion.

Here are a few of Barack Obama’s comments not made to the public, but to the breakfast attendees:

…The president said he is continually learning that everyone, including himself, is imperfect and “falls short of how we ought to live.”

“But as Christians, we believe the redemption can be delivered – by faith in Jesus Christ,” he said. “And the possibility that redemption can make straight the crookedness of a character, make whole the incompleteness of a soul. Redemption makes life, however fleeting here on Earth, resound with eternal hope.”

In his 2010 Easter address, he included Muslims, Hindus, Jews and the faithless. The Resurrection means nothing to those mentioned, and none of them believe that Jesus died for all mankind, let alone for them. While some unbelievers are respectful of our belief that Jesus is the Savior of all mankind, the very thought is not only rejected but is contemptible to many. The meaning of Easter is alien to every other religion except Judaism, which does believe in a Messiah and the tenant of a Messiah, just not the same Messiah.

In August 2010, Obama did not represent Christian beliefs at his White House Ramadan dinner.  There was no talk about the weaknesses of the human soul as there is when Christianity is the subject, but a focus on the Muslim soul and it’s unique closeness to their god. Last year he spoke of Muslim good deeds with the poor, but not that Muslim countries are run by dictators and tyrants with the people receiving little opportunity to thrive, and often just enough sustenance to keep them alive.

He spoke of Islamic justice, but not of beheadings, chopped extremities, stonings, hangings, or the extreme and routine cruelty to women and children of both sexes. And most astonishingly, he spoke of the racial equality found within Islam — the same Islam that sees no man or woman equal unless he or she is Muslim and has embraced the faith, and even then the tribe belonged to may be less than adequate to those who hold your judgement in their hands. Certainly, any Muslim woman of any tribe has no equality with Muslim men.

Last year at Ramadan, Obama included himself in the word “we,” when he talked about the world “we” want to build, and the changes “we” want to make. To an outsider, those plans to “build” and “change” are not clear, but no doubt the listening audience understood. You and I understand his vision of hope and change and redistributive wealth, and know neither is a vision of the Founders. It is naive to think a Muslim dominated Nation is not the change and hope prayed for in mosques all over the world. While some Western Muslim worshippers may not want any part of such a prayer, it is probably most imams and clerics do.

In September 2010 at the end of Ramadan he spoke of Islam’s religious tolerance and it’s importance in American life. He asked for donations for the floods in Pakistan. He called the day “blessed.” Ever-present on the minds of Christians should be the realization that through the religious tolerance of Muslims, the Middle East will soon be devoid of Christianity.

In November 2010 Obama issued a statement on Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha. Again he spoke of the Muslim charity around the world. I remember how little charity came out of the oil rich Muslim countries for Haiti or the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia, and currently the devastation in Japan. What was committed happened only after the world took notice.

I am content with Barack Obama ignoring Christianity, and spending his time lauding Earth Day. His time in office is short and we need no more convoluted, mixed messages of the similarities of Christian and Islamic tolerance which inevitably serve only as a crutch for left-leaning, progressive Christians. That American Christians are not afforded the same respectful recognition of our holy days from the White House, as are Islam’s, should no longer be shocking.  One day this will be a rude and hard lesson learned, but always be more than a distant memory, because we will never forget Barack Obama, who he is and what he so wrong, so many times.

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