Obama Texas Interview: Shuttles Sent to Blue States: NASAs Liberal Tilt

Obama is interviewed by WFAA-TV, a Dallas, Texas television station. Brad Watson had 7 minutes with the president. Obama begins all smiley and amiable, at least for him, until Watson corrects the margin Obama lost Texas by, from the president’s “few percentage points,” to Watson’s “11.” The smiles vanished. Then Watson asks if the decision to send the space shuttles to states which can help Obama win re-election, and presses it, Obama is clearly angry. At the end of the video, Obama apparently thinks the mic is off, and tells Watson to let him finish his answers “next time.” Just guessing here, but Watson won’t have a “next time.” But the bottom line of the story is the “money,” and following it. Remember Obama’s Muslim “outreach” and NASA part in it?

Obama denies any involvement in where the retired Space Shuttles live out their non-shuttling lives, but the thing to remember is that NASA is notoriously liberal. They are steeped in green initiatives. NASA’s Goddard Institut for Space Studies (GISS) consistently shows earth temperatures far hotter than other data. James Hansen, the head of GISS, was forced to amend his faulty and fraudulent data. Remember NASA Administrator Charles Bolden saying his “foremost” mission was to improve relations with the Muslim world? And his predecessor, Michael Griffin, saying the “outreach” was a ‘deeply flawed’ strategy:

“It’s [NASA] purpose is not to inspire Muslims or any other cultural entity.”

Obviously, NASA is looking for government funding, and this ridiculous “outreach,” works for NASA. It’s all about the money and following it, which includes the resting places of our honored space shuttles. Thanks to USAToday. Hat Tip to Lemon at From Clay to Bronze.

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Obama on Sending Space Shuttles to Blue States (video)