Obama Plays Golf: Restrictions on Walking – Not Addicted to Golf

What??? Obama explained today that he is not addicted to golf, but uses it to unwind because his security is so tight he “can’t go out for long walks….” Somehow G. W. Bush got out and ran every day to stay healthy. He gave up golf because it was obscene for a President, who has sent men into war and funded that war, to be seen in the luxurious and green expanse of a golf course, while military families are sacrificing under the harshest of circumstances. After a knee injury, G.W. worked out in the weight room.The point was, Bush gave up golf to honor the troops.

Who is he kidding?

Obama says he loves the White House though – loves living in the White House, but he doesn’t like politics and he wants to be anonymous. Not a word about the honor of serving the American people. Source: The Columbus Dispatch

  • Funny how he can walk on golf courses around the world but not run around the White House for fear of security concerns. This is just another piece of Horse Hockey Puck he is throwing around.

  • Obama thinks the American people are there to serve him and his new life style. Ice cream, golf and vacations … oh yes, hoops and his jump shot.

  • Ran

    Bravo Sierra. The problem is the White House logs – all visitors must be posted. Not so off-site meetings. The slimy rogue’s gallery litany of progressives, radical revolutionaries and totalitarian statists of every flavor imaginable puts doubt to his oath to uphold the Constitution. Now that the Public has become aware of the Log, this “golfing” and holiday addiction is rather a stratagem to keep meetings off-book. Think JFK without the babes.

  • This Pri.K in Chief has no problem running up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial… amongst the public.. Really, He can’t walk around? Truman walked… Obama can’t? You know what they say.. Excuses are like….A..holes.. everyone has one. This president is so used to lying, he just can’t stop himself.

  • Good point Maggie. Thank you for posting it.
    Another of the multiple valuable differences between Obama and President George W. Bush.

  • Bush’s faults aside, he is admirable for his committment to fitness. You’re right, he was an avid runner and took the necessary steps to ensure he could continue running while in the White House. However, I don’t think the fact Obama golfs is a bad reflection on him or the Presidency. If he likes it and it relaxes him, then so be it.

    • Dear Brian, between the constant parties, vacations, if this President ain’t relaxed… well… Something wrong with playing golf as soldiers are at war or dying. Now maybe it’s just me. But I believe he should be sacrificing like our soldiers are and while we are suffering in this economy, he should be working his patooky off finding ways to stimulate the economy and not just taking a lazy mans way of settling the problem, that only worsens the problem, by putting this country even deeper into the black hole of economic doom. Sorry, I disagree with your opinion. Mine may be faulty. But I’m a country boy, and I see things in simple solutions. If your out of money, you tighten your belt. If the people you swore an oath to protect and defend, are suffering from very high fuel costs, you cut the taxes on that fuel. If lives are on the line in the countries defence, you cut back and sacrifice, like they are. Your allowed your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. It seems a small thing to you that he plays golf, but if your a soldier, who’s ducking bullets, the fact that his commander and chief is out in the sun on a exclusive golf course having fun.. well I’d be a bit PISSED…

    • Brian, the point is Obama said he can no long “walk” due to security restrictions. That is not a truthful statement. He choose golf, and is gone from the Oval for long period of times, as a consequence – and he does at the most inconvenient times – when the most havoc is happening around the world involving decisions he makes.

      He lied. That’s the point.

  • I agree with Brian L, if that is what Obama prefers to do to relax etc then so be it.