Obama in the Middle of Atlas Shrugged – He Fits Perfectly Video

Freedom Works used footage from the new movie Atlas Shrugged and melded it with Barack Obama’s own words, and yes it makes the connection that Atlas Shrugged fits better in 2016 politics (or sooner) than it did when Ayn Rand published her famous tome. As I mentioned in my review, seeing the movie some 30 after reading the book, the message was much more obvious to me than it was then…Government regulations, Lobbyists and the perceived “common good,” are destroying the U.S. just as it destroyed the economy and the lifestyles of the people in the book. There is nothing obscure or unimaginable about the message today. Hot Air believes the Freedom Works video below “did what the filmmakers deliberately chose not to do,” which was to put Obama right in the middle of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I think the producers wanted the film to be true to Rand’s work, but who knows. I have no doubt the producers and most working on the film feels American needs to see a visual of our America today, where we are headed, and what might have brought us to this place. That’s just a guess, but take a look at the second video (courtesy of Hot Air), a behind-the-scenes discussion of Who is John Galt, and see if you agree. Visit Freedom Works here.

Atlas Shrugged

Obama in the Middle of Atlas Shrugged (video)

Who is John Galt? A Behind the Scenes Discussion (video)