Obama Documentation Documented: Obama Documented at Wickicountability

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads have set-up an online wiki to make public in one place, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and other information obtained by journalists, individuals and organizations. The site is also designed to show information requests sought by the public that have not been answered or fulfilled by the most “transparent” administration ever. Approximately 1,800 FOIA’s have not been produced.

Karl Rove

Like Wikileaks, Collegio said Wikicountability’s goal is to provide information from which the public and the media can draw their own conclusions, instead of the Wikicountability doing it for them. Unlike Wikileaks, though, Collegio said only legally obtained documents and information will be published on the site – no leaked documents and no illegally obtained information.

The first day of Wikicountability’s existence saw the public release of the cost of the Andy Griffith’s pro-Obamacare television ads ($3.66 million), a look into how Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Special Adviser Elizabeth Warren chooses which news outlets to give interviews to and an in-depth examination of how Obama’s Department of Labor plays favorites with labor unions…

The Obama administration refused to fulfill about 180,000 of its 544,000 FOIA requests to its 35 biggest agencies, even though the president campaigned on transparency.  Rove’s Wikicountability plans to publish any and all FOIA requests and responses from different agencies, in addition to tracking how the administration handles them. Read more about Wikiaccountability at The Daily Caller.

Crossroads GPS is also suing the Obama administration “for repeated failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.”

Visit Wikicountability here, and remember, the site is only currently available. You can browse through pending FOIA requests and see all the documents already received, along with a list of ‘other reports and documents. Interestingly, an outstanding FOIA to the Department of Justice asks for ‘requests from Labor UnionOrganizations for an Executive Order.’ An FOIA to the Office of Management and Budget asks for the same.