Obama Courts Medicare Advantage Votes by Putting Money In After He Deeply Wounded the Program

Remember the controversial cuts to Medicare Advantage, considered a disdained “premium program” by the Obama administration and his health care gurus? With elections looming, he’s putting $6.7 Billion back into the program. Don’t miss the Wall Street Journal comments below.


The shift “may represent a thinly veiled use of taxpayer dollars for political purposes,” wrote Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan. Camp chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees Medicare. Hatch is his counterpart as ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. Source.

Ya think? Does this new infusion of Billions take back the $1 Billion paid to AARP for support of ObamaCare?

The Committee found, after an 18 month investigation, that AARP stands to reap an extra billion dollars in profits from ObamaCare. (Yes, that is billion with a B.) Worse, this extra profit is largely BECAUSE of the Medicare cuts….Almost half of the $500 billion in ObamaCare’s Medicare cuts come out of Medicare Advantage. The cuts don’t kill the program, but they mortally wound it.

CBO estimates that the Medicare Advantage program will be cut in half, causing over 7 million seniors to lose their health care coverage.  They will be forced to return to traditional Medicare and, in most cases, will need to purchase Medi-Gap coverage….Over a billion dollars every decade. Keep in mind, this revenue is simply for using AARP’s name, so it is almost pure profit.

In mid-2010 when we were slowly discovering what was in the Democrat’s ObamaCare bill, the Wall Street Journal had this report:

The politics here is that Democrats loathe Medicare Advantage because it sanctions the private choices that might eventually liberate the U.S. health market from government price controls. They also wanted to raid Advantage to finance their new subsidies. But now they desperately want to dodge any near-term blame when seniors who use Advantage start to lose its benefits. Ergo, blame insurers first.

America, guard your vote!