North Korea Begging for Food

South Korea stopped their food aid to North Korea in 2008 with a condition that all nuclear activity in North Korea stop before food shipments would begin again. Now North Korea has asked Britain for food for the people they purposefully starve and oppress:

Living in the Dark in North Korea

Korea JoonAng Daily:

David Alton, a British lawmaker, said in an interview with the Voice of America that Choe had requested food aid when he met with British government officials.

Alton quoted Choe as telling British officials that the upcoming two months would be the most serious for North Korea to feed its people.

North Korea has suffered from a chronic shortage of food and energy due to years of isolation, mismanagement and natural disasters. The communist state has relied on international handouts since 1995 to help feed its more than 20 million people.

Dictator Kim Jung Ill lives in a palace obscenely stocked with the worlds finest wines and spirits.

Free people have been providing food for North Koreans since 1995. Another dictator, another day. Nothing unusual anymore.

  • It sounds like they need a revolution. Wonder if Obama will help them with a speech. Real change.

  • The whole world is going hungry.
    I’ll tell you, life in North Korea is more than another country is a different world. There are so many little things that few realize. The satellite image is a good example. But did you know that compared to south Korea, the north has few trees?

  • You mean, Communism doesn’t work? I thought it was a “workers paradise?”

  • dru

    let the pig scumsin north korea starve to death ! we will give them grass seed so they have more to eat !! ha ha ha