NATO Strike Kills Gaddafi Son Saif, 3 Grandsons: Obama says He Didn’t Do it!

A NATO missile strike hit a compound with Gaddafi’s family inside killing his “youngest” son, Sayf al-Arab (Saif), 29, and three of his grandsons. TIME says the home hit was Saif’s home. The BBC describes the compound as “the large residential villa.” It is not clear whether the children were Saif’s, but perhaps not, as he has a party-boy reputation. Muammar Gaddafi, his wife and other friends and family were present but unharmed. The bad news for the world is that Muammar Gaddafi has eight biological children, seven of them sons. Fox reported that Barack Obama said the U.S. isn’t responsible, but I haven’t found that in print.

Saif al-Arab Gaddafi

In March shortly after the Libyan war started, there were rumors that Khamis al-Gaddafi died in a coalition strike on the Gaddafi compound. Those rumors remain generally unconfirmed BUT the Huffington Post did report his death. The BBC says Sayf (Saif), the 6th son, was the “youngest” son and that would only be true if Khamis is already dead. Gaddafi’s eighth child is his only daughter.

Khamis Gaddafi

Khamis Gaddafi, the 7th son, was a brutal man who controlled the Khamis Brigade of the Libyan army. He visciously attacked the Libyan “rebels,” until, if the rumors are true, a Libyan pilot rammed his plane into the Gaddafi headquarters, ending Khamis’ life.

In one brutal attack, his forces surrounded Zawiya while rebels in the city celebrated their victory and cared for the injured. The Khamis Brigade then unleashed an all-out assault from three sides, unloading their weapons and artillery as they stormed the city.

Khamis Gaddafi sent four weeks in the U.S. touring our ports and military facilities – just before the action began in Libya. Don’t you love that? We let the military son of a Muslim tryant on our military bases and gave him free reign to scrutinize our ports. He was called back to Libya before he could “tour” West Point. You’ll feel comforted to know the U.S. says we didn’t pay for his visit.

Saif al-Arab (Gaddafi had two sons named Saif – the other is Saif al-Islam) was reportedly studying German in Munich. Also of interest,  tthis report says that Muammar Gaddafi called for a cease-fire and negotiations. NATO said no way, show us some action, we don’t believe your words.

  • Of course zero will deny responsibility for it, he denies responsibility for everything!

  • I personnally think that Gaddifi should end his reign. Many people have already died including 1 son who is confirmed to be died another who might be died. He has been president for more than 40 years. So Gaddafi should go.