Mukhtaran Mai Gang Rapers Freed in Pakistan: Pakistan Court Convicts 1, Frees 5 – Govt Offers Security

Mukhtaran Mai says she was ganged raped nine years ago, in an assault ordered by a “village council.” Today, a Pakistan court convicted one man and freed five. Mai fears for the safety of her family.

Mukhtar Mai

The Guardian:

Originally 14 had been accused of taking part in the rape, which was ordered in 2002 by village elders sitting as a traditional tribal court after Mai’s brother was accused of having illicit relations with a woman from a rival clan.

The court judgment acknowledged that Mai had been raped, by upholding the sentence against one of the accused, Abdul Khaliq, but the outcome means that just one of the 14 men she believes were involved has been found guilty. Khaliq’s original death sentence had already been commuted to life in prison by a lower court…

Mai has started a school for girls and a non-governmental organisation that promotes women’s education. She vowed that she would not flee her village, and would continue with her work.

Mai’s ordeal began after her 13-year-old brother was accused by a more powerful clan of having sex with one of their young women. He was then sodomised in a sugar cane field by the woman’s brother, Abdul Khaliq, and two other men. There appears to be no basis for the original accusation.

Heathens! I would tell this woman to leave and go anywhere in the West. She cannot help these young girls she is hoping to school, except to unintentionally give them false hope?

A tribal council was assembled from Khaliq’s clan, which ordered that Mai be punished for her brother’s illicit sex by being raped, on the basis of eye-for-an-eye justice. Mai was forced at gunpoint by Khaliq into a stable, where he and other clan members raped her. She was then paraded naked around the village. Tradition dictated that Mai commit suicide, as the shame supposedly fell on her, but she decided to fight her tormentors…

The cruelty of Mai’s case is repeated in the treatment of women across the country, with tribal councils regularly ordering young girls to be handed over in compensation for crimes committed by other family members, and women to be killed for “honour”.

To all the silent, progressive Western women who never, never speak out in defense of Muslim women, shame on you and may you never have a peaceful night’s sleep. Read an interesting timeline of the crimes against Mai and her family here, and note that she was scheduled to speak at the United Nations until Pakistan objected. The Islamic conglomeration in the U.N. is dangerous to the welfare of the entire world.



  • This is what our troops are fighting for. I say bring them home now, then nuke Pakistan further back into the Stone Age.

  • Barbarians…I was surprised to read SHE wasn’t stoned to death for committing adultery.
    Utter barbarians.
    May the Lord look upon her with mercy and peace.