Michelle Obamas Military Outreach: What About Stopping Pay in Shutdown? Michele Bachmann on Military Support

It is tempting to applaude the announced new plan by the Obamas to support our Military, although few specifics are given. God knows our Military needs support. They are grossly underpaid and dangerously overworked. How any marriages hold together can only be seen as a miracle. But having said all that, why would we believe Barack and Michelle will do anything in support of the troops when HE WROTE A DIRECTIVE TO STOP THEIR PAY IN A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. He had to make an effort to do that, and he did! The Military, under Reagan and Clinton were paid on time. The video below is reactions from Radio Talk Show host Laura Ingraham and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

U.S. Military

The new venture which includes Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, appears to be another part of the earlier Strengthening our Military Families: Meeting America’s Commitment. Michelle and Jill’s new program, Joining Forces, will apparently be meshed with her earlier program announced after the Obamas were inaugrated.

Paying the troops, in the event of a government shutdown, is not a part of the White House ‘outreach.’

Looking for specifics, I find nothing new, and what I find of the old are ‘few:’

1) Michelle and Jill Biden have embarked on a two-day trip to highlight civilians who have stepped-up to help the Military through the already existing Joining Forces program.

2) The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) program has been made available to students from military families, and according to the White House, it will impact 40,000 students (presumably not all Military – but I’m not sure). This not new. It was instituted in September 2010 by private corporations – not the White House.

The bottom line, there is nothing new. It continues to rely on civilian help, already outlined in Barack Obama’s earlier program. Nothing new, but the announcement and some fresh publicity. However, this website, Joining Forces, may be new.

Michele Bachmann and Laura Ingraham on New Military OutReach (video)



  • Ran

    It’s about converting military families into “victims” of America. Look at the Ad Council’s freak-show of victimhood aimed at vets of Afghanistan and Iraq. Insulting, infantilizing, offensive in the extreme.

    Great post. Cheers!

  • It’s nice to have them looking out for me. Counting the days I have left.