Michael Scheuer: CNN Anchors Carrying Obamas Water: Scheuer on Muslim World and US Video

In this video, former Fox weekend anchor, now with CNN Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans interviews former CIA Counterterrorism heavyweight Michael Scheuer doesn’t spare either side of the aisle in his criticism of our action in Libya. Take a look at Romans body language when she is told she “carrying Obama’s water.”

Michael Scheuer

Chetry calls the initiative in Libya “American-led.” Scheuer objects and says that may “fool” some Americans, but it will not fool Osama bin Laden’s followers. On Scheuer’s website he says this:

No one in the Muslim world will be fooled by the insistence of President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Rice, and Senators McCain and Kerry that the war on Libya is not being led by the United States. Having witnessed on television two U.S.-led wars on Iraq; the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan; drone operations in Pakistan and Yemen; and numerous other examples of impressive U.S. military power, Muslims will perceive — and perception is reality — that only the U.S. military could manage, supply, logistically administer, and coordinate the Western military offensive against Libya.

As to the goal of “protecting innocent Libyans” so often stated by Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, and the UN Secretary General, Muslims will reject that contention out of hand after seeing — in color and in real-time — U.S., British, and French warplanes killing their brethren in Libya, while several hundred miles to the east they simultaneously saw Israeli pilots flying U.S.-made aircraft on missions to kill Palestinians.

After the offensive war against Libya sharply deepens Muslim hatred for the United States and its allies, Washington will be bemoan this fact as an unintended consequence and Secretary Clinton will blame it on bad public diplomacy. Nonsense.

He refers to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. the “crazed Miss Rice,” speaking of uber-Progressive Susan Rice.

Scheuer speaks of the huge cost to the U.S. of being in Libya, and Romans states that the cost of the war and the U.S.’ financial woes are two separate issues. Scheuer tells Romans she “is carrying Obama’s water.” The interview ended abruptly.

I mentioned that Scheuer is a “heavyweight” in counterterrorism. He is the former head of the CIA’s Alex Station, the chief operation hunting bin Laden in the earlier days after 9/11/01. He has been hypercritical of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano. Of National Security  advisor John Brennan, Scheuer says his career has mostly consisted of “ass-kissing” and “clogging the intelligence pipeline.”

After seven CIA operatives were killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber whom they trusted and allowed on a U.S. military base, we learned that, perhaps, the female head of that group who died in the bombing, also served with Scheuer at the famed Alec Station in 2001. It is a very interesting story. For obvious reasons, the woman has not been identified.

Read the entire transcript at NewBusters. Thanks to Fox Nation for the video.

Michael Scheuer tells CNN Anchor “you are carrying Obama’s water.” (video)

  • Ran

    Recruiting tool? They were effectively recruiting long before the Declaration. In this case, per Scheuer, assume new recruits. Now what? It’s a long way to counter-attack the great Satan.

    Conveniently enough, there’s a little Satan in the neighborhood. (My, what a coincidence.)

    Consider… this “responsibility to act” line used by the former President Elect. Something tells me this is a coordinated military exercise in preparation for another “kinetic” scenario further Eastwards along the Med coastline. Power’s “responsibility to protect” doctrine to the rescue!

    • TeflonRon

      Those Arabs are not a threat to the U.S. Libyans have nothing to gain in fighting the West. They gave up nuclear ambitions, hence are not a threat to Israel. The Libyans have the highest living standard in Africa. It has a huge waterworks project in the desert. They’ve invested in gold and now have the 26th largest Gold reserve in the world. So explain to me how bombing them back into the stone age will win hearts and minds.

  • I think he just shock up their world.

  • As Glen Beck says … “The truth has no agenda.”