Maybe Marco Rubio’s Opinion Isn’t the Only One That Matters: Donald Trump and Having Natural Born Status

I suggest new Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) get on with reforming the U.S. Senate and leave other matters…matters the many of us care deeply about, to those many. Or perhaps Rubio can just provide Barack Obama’s birth certificate so that people like Donald Trump will stop annoying him. You mention the “trillions that we owe.” We sent you to Washington, D.C. to do something about that, so do it. Senator you have priorities that are not being well-prioritized in the Senate this minute. The rest of us are multi-tasking. We are defining issues: the birth certificate – constitutionally known as “natural born status,” the spending, the policy, the fraud, the disgrace, but you…you choose to take your time to criticize Donald Trump. Unbelievable!

Marco Rubio

Sen.Rubio said: “I would suggest — if he asked for my opinion — not to focus so much on that issue. There are more important things facing our country. I believe Barack Obama was born in the United States of America –So why are we talking about this?”

Rubio’s attitude and “suggestion” to The Donald begs the question: What if Barack Obama is not eligible for the Oval Office? Just how important is Rubio’s uninformed belief? Would Senator Rubio introduce legislation to require that our ahhhhh-gust Senate be aware next time? Now that would be worth his time and ours. Perhaps it should be the duty of Congress to know and prove such a situation. Is there any consideration for the honest angst of the American people?

By the way, Senator, Donald Trump is telling you how to fix the debt. How about talking about that? Oh, no…you wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

We will do well to remember that Marco Rubio is not just a fresh face. He has been steeped in Florida politics. Has warred as the Florida Speaker of the House. He is none too fresh. Is it too much to ask that our conservatives in Congress back up the Americans who want Obama’s constitutional status to be known? Really, is it too much ask? Smug comments like Rubio’s are on my last nerve.

Marco Rubio on Why Barack Obama Was Born in the U.S., and a Put-Down to Donald Trump (video)

  • I’m with you, Maggie, what a smug pompous jerk! I shared your post at the A-C page, we’re ALL proud ‘birthers’ there.

  • They never turn out like we expect them to do they? I’m gonna give him time to prove who he is before I say to dump him. Of course I’m not from his state so I don’t matter anyway. Oh, by the way … as far as talking about where Obama was born, wasn’t Marco just answering a reporters question? Did he bring it up?

  • Why does Rubio care what Trump talks about. Trump is not a duly elected representative of anybody. Rubio had better get to work on senate business and leave the blogging/commentating to the rest of us.

  • Joe Ballard

    Sen DeMint should counsel Rubio before he becomes a RINO.

  • When Rubio turn his back on the Tea Party after the 2010 election, I knew then that we had put a RINO replacement in office. If having a birth certificate is part of the process of becoming President, then “O” needs to do what he, by law, is supposed to do, and Rubio should be just anxious as Donald Trump is for “O” to produce one.

  • While listening to Rush Limbaugh this week I was surprised he seemed to be unaware of another time in US history when an American president’s birthplace was in question. That president was Chester A Arthur. I blogged about Arthur’s ‘mystery’ one month ago.

    I’m not a fan of the Donald. (remember the Carrie Prejean story?). But I do appreciate his pursuit of the birther thing even if it is not for the same reasons I have. It gives legs to the story again and may lead to a solution even though I don’t really expect it.

    As for Rubio and many other freshmen members of Congress I am not overly impressed these days. Is he taking the ‘birther’ question personally?

    I’m more upset with the latest CR situation but the ‘birther’ one ranks right up there.

    Hey Maggie, I understand your frustration on this matter. Seems those in leadership positions quick to call themselves conservative as well as American are just as willing to ignore principles that made our country great.

  • Maybe the reason Rubio would like Trump to back off is because he’s ineligible to be POTUS. Rubio is the second son and third child of Cuban exiles Mario Rubio. He fails the NBC eligibility requirement.

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