Lionheart: The English Defence League – “Nothing English About it”

Many of my readers know Paul Ray, also known as Lionheart. Paul fought charges against him by Muslims in his hometown of Luton, England for almost two years. He was threatened with many years in prison and constant risk to his personal safety, even after charges were dropped. Paul was, I believe, an organizing member of the English Defense League (EDL) which formed a few years ago after Muslims rudely and crudely protested against U.K. soldiers returning from deployment in Afghanistan. The EDL is a “street protest” group. It is often characterized as “far-right.” Below, please find a article written by Lionheart about the EDL.

Paul Ray, Lionheart

I have to admit that I do not know all the details surrounding the EDL today, but there was an intense fight for leadership and Paul’s side did not win. From his previous writings, the EDL was formed for U.K. patriots to protest the threat of Islam and al-Qaeda. In Paul’s  opinion and the English Defense League is not acting so patriotically.

Questioning the EDL Leadership Motives
by Paul Ray

The English Defence League street protest movement was formed in the beginning to unite the English/British people to protest against the slow but sure Islamification of their Country and seek to bring about change for the good of the Country under that mandate, and also to unite with those who had the same vision in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, making it a unified United Front across the British Isles.

If these types of credible voices are right then we and our children are walking into serious problems in the future: God’s General Lord Pearson

Taking an outside view now on the EDL leadership, from the very start there were different people within the initial core leadership group who all had their own motives for using the EDL and who all wanted to use the movement for their own personal/political agendas. The movement I class as those dedicated followers of the EDL who follow the leaderships lead around the Country, going from one protest site to another.

I am going to highlight a few cases here that call into question the integrity of the current leadership of Irish “Tommy”, Kevin and their core group, and point out that their motives for the English Defence League are contrary to the good of the movement based upon their leadership decisions and actions, and thus the good of the people of England and Britain as a whole, of which they actively promote they are representing.


It’s not for no reason that people talk about Religion and Politics being the most contentious issue, because at the core of who we are, these 2 beliefs dictate who we are and how we interact with the world around us more than any other. Even those who are reading this now and say they do not have any politics, do have a political leaning otherwise you would not be interested in the thoughts and opinions of a what is at the core a political matter. The Religious aspect doesn’t really come into the equation here at this point though, other than to highlight the frauds as none of the EDL core leadership is a professing Christian. Second generation Irish “Tommy” and Kevin are wedding, funeral and confirmation Catholics, like most are wedding, funeral and baptism Church of England (CofE). Meaning they do not attend Church every Sunday or on a regular basis, so do not sit under the word of God nor subject their lives to the word of God, they quote Catholic like others quote CofE on forms, and just use God’s name in vain when it suits them which means whenever you hear it come out of their mouths, in other words they are “wolves in sheeps clothing”. Guarmit is an Indian Sikh so there is no questioning about his religious persuasion, and Roberta Moore is Jewish but I believe she has been professing Satanism but do not quote me on that, I’ve just seen a few things written about her stating this fact. One thing is for sure, is that she does not know God’s love. Then there is the American Rabbi.

From a spiritual perspective the English Defence League was formed at the beginning with Christianity as its cornerstone, which is why the Red Cross has been used since the start, that symbolises Christianity, and they also use Christian Templar iconography and profess to be defenders of Christian England, like our forbearers.

How that core EDL leadership group who do not walk with Jesus, have never met Him, and do not know Him, can profess to be defenders of Christian England is a little bit lost on me, which for starters clearly shows they are a bunch of charlatans (devils) masquerading around in the eyes of others pretending to be something they are not. So there can be no illusions about the type of people we are dealing with here. And of course, none of them are even ethnic English to start with yet are leading an English Defence, smashing the country up, terrorising communities and costing the tax payer millions from the police budget but we won’t go into that at the moment.

If the English Defence League leadership dropped all links to Christianity and Templarism then this perception of them would hold no substance because there could be no charge of them being devils in disguise leveled at their feet. But it is how it is!

I wonder where Christianity and Templarism being the cornerstones of the English Defence League came from in the first place? (The seed that produced the tree)

After 2 years I have a very good understanding of this EDL core leadership now and what motivates them because I have been on the receiving end of every different type of attack they could come up with other than meeting me in the flesh, although they did talk about sending a crew to deal with me and my Christian brother, and I’m still here talking about them because they are still in control of the EDL movement. If they were called anything other than the “English” Defence League, and not masquerading around under the Christian banner then I would not waste my time on them and would sit back and laugh at them like a lot of other people do now.

My issue is not with all Irish, especially the ones living in Luton, nor all Catholics, my issue is with these local plastic Irish Catholic gangsters and their Luton supporters who think they can run around threatening and intimidating peoples innocent families so as to force them into silence from speaking the truth, in defence of the English Defence League. Video: “Tommy Robinson” & The IRA

Why al Qaeda had a free reign to declare war upon the people of Great Britain from Luton is much clearer to me now, which will be explained in my “Street politics” post.

Matthew 7:15-20

Family politics

I could give any number of examples of how the EDL leaderships decisions and actions are completely contrary to the good of the English Defence League movement, to the good of the people of England, and to the good of the future of which they profess to be fighting. This then calls into question; why and what are the reasons behind it.

Firstly there can be no doubt whatsoever that the family politics Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” and his Uncle Kevin Carroll have been brought up on at home by their Irish parents and grandparents has had a direct bearing upon how they perceive the world around them now, and how they interact with the world around them. It is an open fact that the leadership of the “English” Defence League are both proud second generation Irish Catholics so what has been their home politics whilst sitting around the dinner table watching the news or discussing events at home and abroad, that has influenced young Steven and Kevin growing up?

There is no true English patriot who would have made the same decisions they have made, and that is just a FACT because at the core of who we are, is our politics whether we know it or not, and our politics is about making decisions for the good of England/Britain and her people.

This is a question you have to ask yourself. Why would Irish Catholics, knowing the historical troubles in Northern Ireland, now align themselves in the online world, with Protestant Northern Ireland paramilitary groups? Kevin Carroll & The Armagh Brigade

Merchandise wing

The merchandise wing of the English Defence League was one the biggest money winners from the start for those who controlled it, namely “Tommy Robinson”, Kevin Carroll and a few others. That was before the major donations to the English Defence League cause started to flow into the movement from around the world, and a way to skim from the top without anyone noticing was found. It was set up online for people to purchase their hoodies, t-shirts, face masks and whatever else could be sold to the EDL followers. When taking a closer look at their online shop, you noticed it was hosted in India and linked to the Islamic Nation of Turkey. I have nothing against either of these Countries and this isn’t about attacking these Countries but why would leaders of an English patriotic movement have their business hosted in India? And why would a movement against the Islamification of Britain have their business making money out of English patriots linked to the Islamic Nation of Turkey? You would think instinctively that this would be 2 massive No – No’s

Two very basic points or mistakes that no English patriot would ever make when setting up a money making business aimed at earning money from English patriots because he/she would know instinctively because of his/her core politics, that India and Turkey running their English patriotic shop would not look good in the eyes of others. Although the EDL has a cult following who will not hear anything bad said about Irish “Tommy” or Kevin and do not care about little misdemeanors like this.

Video facts: Merchandise linked to Islamic Turkey

For any doubters about “Tommy” Kevin and a few others defrauding the English Defence League movement, then hopefully the knowledge that “Tommy” is currently charged with money laundering for offences pre-dating the English Defence League should dispel those doubts: EDL leader charged with money offences

Snowys smearing and expulsion

Snowy could see something was wrong with the money side of the English Defence League, especially the donations side when money was raised for his legal fund.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, Snowy was the one who jumped up on the roof of the prospective mosque in Dudley, and ended up in prison on remand for a week.

Whilst in prison money was raised for his defence fund from around the Country, but when he was released from prison no money was ever used by him for this. I personally do not know the full story but at the time I watched the smear video by “Tommy” and read Snowy’s response and believed Snowy’s word any day of the week above “Tommy’s” because I have watched his blatant compulsive lies for long enough to know you cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth, and Snowy had presented facts defending the smears against his character and not just slandering words with no facts on a youtube video.

As soon as I watched this video I thought to myself, there is absolutely no way “Tommy” as the EDL leader should be publicly attempting to destroy the man’s reputation and character through youtube in the eyes of the EDL membership (after he had just sacrificed his liberty for the EDL cause), over questions about finances that should be discussed behind closed doors amongst the EDL leadership. Snowy at that point had a very strong voice within the EDL movement after earning his EDL stripes by getting up on the roof of the warehouse, so any differences should have been rectified out of the public eye for the good of the movement. Instead “Tommy” tried to publicly humiliate him and smear his reputation and character amongst the EDL membership by releasing a smear video full of lies and half truths about him.

This obviously begs the question as to why he did this to an English patriot?

I would say that “Tommy” feared his leadership position being undermined by Snowy because of the very real questions over where the donated funds went so used the opportunity to strike against Snowy and smear his reputation and character before any real questions could be asked or answered, and people see Irish “Tommy” & Co as the criminals and plastic gangsters that they are, defrauding money from English patriots under the banner of an English patriotic cause.

The decision to release a smear video against Snowy was in absolutely no way done for the good of the movement as a whole, so you can only assume the reasons why it was done, which wasn’t for the English Defence League cause, it was for the protection of Irish “Tommy” & Co’s little EDL fiefdom because of their abuse of power and stealing EDL donations.

EDL noncegate

All throughout the whole life of the movement you can clearly see that the motives behind most of the leadership decisions made are completely contrary to the good of the people of England and why the English Defence League was formed in the first place. The following 2 examples are the glaringly obvious to me. The first concerns the Dudley protests and the second concerns the Luton protest, but trust me I could give you many more examples, including Leeds and London on the same day which was what started the smear campaign and character assassination against me when Anjem Choudary wanted to walk to Buckingham Palace and call for the over-throw of the Monarchy. I’ll leave that to another time though because it’s important and exposes “Tommy” and Kevin’s ‘God save the Queen’ motto they now like to use, as they seek to re-enforce their false patriotism in the eyes of their cult followers. They will say and do anything to hang onto the reigns of EDL power because what would life be like for them without the EDL now?

Their EDL leadership child pornography scandal which included an attempted cover up by the core EDL leadership of the potential kiddy fiddler in their leadership ranks has been fully covered here: EDL noncegate

Dudley protest

The EDL movement was directed to Dudley to protest against a mega mosque being built there that already had a petition with tens of thousands of local residents opposed to its construction. The first demonstration saw the EDL penned in like animals by the police and resulted in a stampede once the barriers had been removed by the protesters. It then descended into violent confrontations with the police. In my opinion it was bad policing from the start that resulted in the violent confrontation with protestors because nobody likes being treated like an animal, and penning a couple of thousand English patriots in like animals in a car park was never going to end nicely.

After the first protest we then awoke one morning to find Snowy up on the roof of the building that was the proposed mosque site, with banners draped over the building saying ‘no to the mosque’ and the Islamic call to prayer playing. This raised the profile of the mosque plans in the media, and raised the EDL’s profile amongst many ordinary people as it was the first time someone had protested differently from the normal street protest, to actually achieve the goal which was to stop the mosque being built.

All of this raised the profile of the English Defence League which in turn meant record sales for the EDL merchandise wing, with t-shrits and hoodies flying out the door like never before, which meant Irish “Tommy” & Co were lining their pockets from the sales.

Snowy was then arrested and put on remand for a week.

This is the point where the donations were collected for Snowy and then a little while after this, after his release and the subsequent protest, the internal argument between Snowy and “Tommy” broke out, which resulted in the public smear campaign and his Snowys expulsion from the EDL.

After Snowy’s actions and some negotiations with the police by other EDL leaders from the Northern region, the plans to build the mega mosque were halted, so the first protest and then Snowy’s roof top protest had pushed the plans to build the mosque to the table with everyone concerned willing to work out a solution that was suitable for everyone, which was the goal from the start.

This is the whole meaning and purpose of the street protest movement, to achieve goals and bring about change. The EDL figures behind the Dudley mosque protest had potentially achieved this.

Then the catastrophe.

For some strange reason, the EDL leadership under Irish “Tommy’s” command decided to direct the whole movement back to Dudley for another protest there. The EDL had achieved the aim of pushing the mosque building plans to the negotiating table, so it was now time to talk on the political level, and they even had (if I am right) a local UKIP MP wanting to support the cause. Instead, irrespective of what had already been achieved, and taken the protest into the political realm for all the local residents whose names were on the petition, they went back to Dudley which meant losing the moral high ground in the eyes of the local government decision makers, and once again resulted in violent confrontations on the streets with the police, and another huge policing bill for the local tax payer.

Going back to Dudley the third time undid everything that had already been achieved, and showed those willing to sit around the table and talk that the EDL movement was not a group that could be talked too or reasoned with, because even though they were sitting at the table talking, for some strange reason they were back on the streets again fighting with the police and costing the local tax payer more money, regardless.

As far as I am aware, there is no one still in talks from the EDL on a political level about the Dudley mosque, and the original plans are back in motion to build the mosque, probably because talks broke down due to the EDL’s actions and there is nobody still in place fighting for the local people of which the English Defence League went there in the first place.

There is only one reason why the EDL was directed back to Dudley and that was because of record merchandise sales, why else go back when you are sitting at the table? There is no other reason why going back was even an option. Another protest there was sure to fill “Tommy” & Co’s pockets with more silver and gold from merchandise sales because Snowy had just raised the profile of Dudley and the place was buzzing online about Dudley. The EDL went back under the banner of “they won’t forget the people of Dudley” as if they were doing the people of Dudley a favour, even though going back was in direct conflict to what had already been achieved by the previous 2 protests.

Have the EDL forgotten the people of Dudley now? Where are they in stopping that mega mosque still? Or was it all pretty much a waste of time and money?

This one protest site and all the fall out afterwards, not only with Snowy and the donations raised for his legal fund, but also Tony Williams because I know he was the one in negotiations with the police whilst Snowy was up on the roof, exposed the leadership of “Tommy Robinson” in many ways, only the EDL followers don’t care. They don’t seem to care where they are told to go as long as it’s a good day out drinking, meeting friends and having a little bit of a ruckus with the police, UAF and maybe the local moslem youth. They don’t seem to care whether or not as a street protest movement they actually achieve anything for the good of the Country and their children’s futures which they bang on about being the reason why they are protesting in the first place. They leave that to the leadership of Irish “Tommy” and Kevin who they believe know what they are doing, but the leadership have clearly shown, time and again, that they don’t know what they are doing. That they make decisions not for the good of the Country or the EDL movement, but for the good of themselves and their pockets, and this is probably because none of them are English so do not think how the average English/British patriot thinks, so different thought processes dictate their reasoning and actions, and this is all in the name of an English Defence.

Luton protest

After the first 2009 UPL protest in Luton, in which I was there, and supported, before the English Defence League was formed. Irish Kevin Carroll was given a platform on prime time TV on a BBC documentary to state the case for the street protest movement and what were the issues effecting Luton.

He did not talk about the paramilitary gangs on the streets pumping the place with Al Qaeda heroin, destroying generations of our youth, he did not talk about the expansion plans of the local moslem community and how it was effecting wider British society locally, he did not talk about anything that was relevant to the anti-Islamisation street protest movement within Britain. Instead He talked about childrens play parks in the area where he lived in Luton, and how the moslems had better play parks on their estate than on his own, which was rubbished by a local councilor just as quickly as it came out of his mouth.

Video: Young Angry & British

In this same interview he publicly stated that he could not be a racist as he was a son of immigrants, and then went on to talk about how the local English community were down trodden as if he and his group were now the defenders of the English in their own community and Country.

Not in my name!

Maybe because he is Irish and his family politics actually dictate his decision making, is the reason why when given the opportunity to talk for the English on a major level he talked about children’s play parks, like the big kid he has been shown to be. This is because he has no real affinity with the English/British culture and heritage that has been passed to us over the centuries by our forefathers; he just lives on the land knowing in the back of his mind the Republican politics of his ancestral homeland which is anti-British, so deep down he doesn’t really care about what the moslems are doing, it’s just a show (wolf in sheeps clothing) and a way to make a name for himself along with making money out of it.

This exposed Irish Kevin Carroll immediately as the charlatan that he is, because you cannot hide from the truth, no matter how many lies you tell, or what you try to clothe yourself in, so that others perceive a false you than the real you (wolf).

The street protest movement then went back to Luton in February 2011.

Either the English Defence League street protest movement is a vehicle to force change, like stopping the spread of mega mosque’s in the country, or it is a National drinking club once a month clothed in the dress of an anti-Islamisation movement and making vast amounts of money for the few in control at the top of the movement. So far I would say under this Irish leadership it is the latter based upon a catalogue of examples because the truth always speaks and cannot lie, although there are elements within the EDL movement because of the former reason who sadly go along like willing sheep to the slaughter, along with ex-members who have been expelled because they could see the truth.

If the English Defence League was a democratic organisation then the current leadership would have been removed a long time ago: EDL Dictatorship defending Democracy

The EDL used the building of a large mosque in the High town area of the community as the point of protest for going there. Nobody in authority wanted the EDL descending on the community because of local racial/religious tensions and because of the cost of the policing bill.

The English Defence League now has this in their favour when arranging a protest, although it is completely lost on Irish “Tommy” & Co because their motives are not for the good of the Country, their motives are all about themselves, their reputations and their bank balances which is self evident, so this dictates the way the movement is led and nothing else. Just so long as they get their faces on TV.

The local leader of the mosques appealed to the EDL leadership to sit around the table and talk about any grievances that warranted the English Defence League protesting in the town. So one of the highest Islamic leaders invited local Irish “Tommy” the football hooligan who is professing to represent the English in an English Defence, to sit at a table and negotiate for the good of the wider community.

This went straight over his head though because he had other ideas.

The stopping of the mega mosque in High Town was the only request, and failure to comply would mean the EDL would descend on the Town. The EDL lost everything because they did not give talks the chance, they visited the town, got drunk and then left the town with absolutely nothing whatsoever achieved for anyone outside of the bars and pubs they visited and the EDL leadership, even though they had the chance. “Tommy” and Kevin were able to be hero worshipped in their home community as leaders of the EDL when giving their speeches to the several thousand in attendance, so at least someone got something out of it.

Nothing was ever going to get in the way of that though – EVER!

To show what a travesty to the local community, and waste of an opportunity the EDL leadership under “Tommy” and Kevin let slip by as they continued their pursuit of fame and glory. There is contention around the mosque site because there is another group wanting the land to build affordable homes for vulnerable people in the local community. So there were very good grounds to sit at the table and talk to community leaders for the good of the local community, with a very good chance of winning something of benefit from the authorities. I know how important affordable housing for vulnerable people is because I worked for a Christian homeless charity in Luton, educating school children in all of the upper schools to the impact of homelessness on their lives so know it is a real social issue locally because they had problems housing vulnerable young people.

How many affordable homes could have been built for the community with the local tax payer’s money that had to go instead towards policing a completely irrelevant drunken English Defence League protest that achieved absolutely nothing for anyone other than for “Tommy” & Co and their bid for stardom?

In a strange twist of fate or a completely explainable situation, one of the leaders of the group trying to halt the mosque building so that the land can be used for affordable housing is Darren Carroll, relative to both “Tommy” & Kevin. How this has turned out is their own understanding, and I’m not going to criticise Darren Carroll as he has never done me any wrong to my knowledge, he has never threatened any of my family to my knowledge, and I believe in his local endevour for the good of the community.

Blood is always thicker than water though!

Although how he is head of the group wanting to use the site for affordable housing, and he was not able to use the EDL under his families leadership to help achieve this by sitting down with community leaders before protest day, is questionable.

He was there at the beginning of the forming of the English Defence League, the first meeting in London when Steven Yaxley-Lennon assumed the leadership position of the EDL, and was interviewed as leadership at Clophill Church by an American film crew.


So in summing up you can clearly see when looking at the decisions that have been made by the EDL leadership under “Tommy” & Co’s command, that they never make decisions based upon the good of the movement or the Country. Their decisions are always based upon their own personal agendas which is invariably fame and fortune, and their personal politics.

There are many more stories of bad judgments made, including threats of violence and violence which call into question the motives behind the decisions made, but they are for another time.

Maybe the government are happy with the English Defence League under its current Irish leadership because they know how incompetent they are, so they are not a threat to anyone except themselves although they cost a bit of money to police but that doesn’t matter as they are like a magnet for the for right which is good for the database. Why else is “Tommy” still walking the streets, and leading the EDL movement after nearly starting a riot at worst and violent disorder at best on camera in front of the world’s media, when any lesser human being would have been arrested and hauled before the courts?

Video: Blackburn disgrace

Better the devil you know…

End Paul Ray article

Browse through Lionheart’s blog for a terrifying look at what is happening in the U.K. with Islam and al-Qaeda.


  • Evangelist Daniele

    Paul Ray (Paul Cinato) Lionheart, is the orignal founder of EDL which when he formed this group was totally non-facist. All though Paul is very radical and fundamental in his Christian view-points, he is by no means a racist and would condone any violence. He withdrew from the EDL membership because of their connections to racist & political groups and football hooligans who make up for the hard-core majority of members of the EDL. Most of the ‘Mig Crew’ – Luton’s football hooligan firm are active members. They are the ones who have completely changed Paul Ray’s (Lionheart’s) original plans for the English Defence League as a non-racist Christian group into what it has become now – a new BNP!!!

    • Daniele, I only know Paul from the internet, but I believe wholeheartedly in his integrity. It’s a shame what has happened in the EDL, but Paul wasn’t a part of the changes. He has a lot of heart and energy and there is someplace else for him to continue showing who he is. Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

  • Will

    Is this the same Paul Ray that is now being questioned by Norweigan police for his links to Breivik?

    I used to read his “blog”, and tin foil hat doesn’t quite do justice to his rantings.