Lionheart on Prince William – the King Who Will Fight and Defend Christendom

The following video is an unusual look at the coming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A part of this video are interviews with Paul Ray, the blogger known as Lionheart, whose life was changed by Muslims in his hometown of Luton, England. Paul supports the Monarchy, and especially Prince William and his future impact on the United Kingdom. Others in the video have an opposite viewpoint.

Paul Ray, Lionheart

While many want the throne and everything that goes with it liquidated and the wealth redistributed – and want it vehemently – many do not. Paul has watched the growing-up of Prince William with great interest, because he has little confidence in Charles. He clearly believes Prince Charles is not up to protecting the U.K. from the Muslim invasion there, but he does believe Prince William will be the English King who will fight and defend Christendom. Here is a portion of an open letter Paul wrote to Prince William in September 2007:

Outside the four walls of your protected Castle where you sit in safety, behind your fortified walls, fences and guards, your future Kingdom and inheritance that awaits you is being destroyed, Great Britain is collapsing in upon itself from within. Murder, Violence, Bloodshed, Anarchy and War is now rampant throughout the Land. Darkness now covers this Nation with dark forces from many sides joining together in their quest to stamp out the ‘Light of Christianity’ that has been burning brightly upon this Land and people for generations, and to remove the ‘Monarchy’ of which you are a part, from ever having any real power over the Nation again, thus creating new rulers over the land. This unseen Light from Heaven is what has blessed our Country and your family throughout those generations making England a Light unto the Nations birthing civility and enlightenment within Christendom, now the devil through man is in the final throws at trying to stamp out that Light from Heaven and remove your family’s seat of power, that is, if that power has not already been removed. It would not be too extreme as to say that the whole of humanity now rests upon the shoulders of this tiny Island of which you are heir to the throne. If England the greatest bastion of the free civilized world, the Mother of Great Nations and Enlightenment falls, then the civilized free World will fall too, with Islam then building upon the ashes of our destruction, covering our lands with darkness and suppression and taking mankind back 1300 years into a new dark age.

While you and I might differ with Paul about the the United Kingdom being the “the greatest bastion of the free civilized world,” we cannot disagree that a Britain under Caliphate would a great danger to the World. If you are familiar with Britain’s parliament, you know they are an ineffectual lot when it comes to Islam.

The video below is a mix of those excited by the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and those who deeply despise royalty with every breath they take. Some despise it with a great deal of obscenity. That obscenity is in the original video, but you won’t see that one here. Below is the edited version that should not offend.

Paul Ray (Lionheart) on the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (video)

  • I hope Paul Ray, the Lionheart is right.

  • He clearly believes Prince Charles is not up to protecting the U.K. from the Muslim invasion there, but he does believe Prince William will be the English King who will fight and defend Christendom.

    May it be so!

  • Prince William can do little without the support of a critical mass of the citizens of the U. K.

  • Carl, AOW and Jim, I think the masses are much Americans. They don’t like what’s happening in their country but their parliament is so corrupt and Left-leaning that the people can’t ward off the evil.

    I haven’t felt the Monarchy has had any influence over much for years. Technically they do not, but there were times, in modern-times when QE2 did have influence.

  • Evangelist Daniele

    Paul Ray (Paul Cinato) Lionheart, is the orignal founder of EDL which when he formed this group was totally non-facist. All though Paul is very radical and fundamental in his Christian view-points, he is by no means a racist and would condone any violence. He withdrew from the EDL membership because of their connections to racist & political groups and football hooligans who make up for the hard-core majority of members of the EDL. Most of the ‘Mig Crew’ – Luton’s football hooligan firm are active members. They are the ones who have completely changed Paul Ray’s (Lionheart’s) original plans for the English Defence League as a non-racist Christian group into what it has become now – a new BNP!!!