Lindsay Lohan 120 Days in County Jail

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail, again. The original charge was a felony for grand theft of jewelry and violating parole for two ‘driving under the influence’ charges. The Judge reduced the felony charge to misdemeanor. Lucky girl – maybe.  The sentence is 120 days jail time. She is appealing, and probably home on bail right now. As all this happened, the D.A. Jeanette Meyers, says the Judge abused her discretion because Lohan is on formal parole. The new sentence is an entirely new sentence – meaning not related to earlier sentences.

Lindsay Lohan

This time, TMZ says she gets a new mugshot and will be fingerprinted again.

In 2007 Lohan pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine use and driving under the influence. She spent 84 minutes in jail and was out on parole. In July 2010, a Judge ruled that Lohan had violated her parole. She was due to enter jail on July 20th plus three months in a rehab facility upon leaving incarceration.

She entered jail on July 20th and was released to rehab on August 2nd – with only 14 days served and sent immediately to rehab from which she was released after 23 days of an expected 9 day stay.

On September 24th she failed a drug test and violated her parole. She spent part of one day behind bars and was paroled, entering the Betty Ford Institute for addiction and remained there for 90 days.

In February 2011 she was charged with felony grand theft of a $2,500 necklace, and that’s where she is today, facing 90 days behind bars for a grand theft reduced to a misdemeanor by a lenient Judge who will teach Lindsay Lohan nothing.

DA Jeanette Meyers said she respectfully and strongly objected to lowering the charges. She said there was clear and compelling evidence to show that Lindsay purposefully took the jewelry (my interpretation of Meyers’ words). Lohan will be back in court for a pre-trial hearing on May 11, 2011. Here she goes again.

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  • Maggie, Respectively does anyone really care? This shit has become a weekly event and who, I wish they respond, really cares?

    • Christopher, I care because our courts are as star struck as the press. It matters, because the inequities could touch anyone of us at anytime, and the next time Lindsay Lohen drives “under the influence,” my car could be the one she smashes. At the same time, if the name isn’t Lindsay Lohen it’s the illegal Jose somebody driving on a street near my home, drunk with no license and no insurance, and he has probably been in jail previously for the same thing.

      Christopher, all of my posts are not “significant,” but I do have a fair number of those almost everyday. I would love to have your comments on something you care about.

  • You chose a really nice picture of her, Maggie. That is how I like to remember her. As a mother who enjoyed seeing a Lohan movie with my daughter in past days, I pray for her. Even if it seems like she doesn’t deserve it. Sometimes none of us deserve mercy and kindness, yet it is a good thing, after the tough love.

  • @Opus, I can’t disagree with your comment, but there is part of me that also wishes that justice was as equal and as blind as the statue of “Justice” indicates American Justice is supposed to be.

    Maggie, what do you suppose would happen if you or I were in the same place as Lohan? 5 years? 10? That she has gotten away with misbehavior again and again cannot be ignored by some who will think that they can do the same. Sadly, with far different results methinks.

  • Yeah, I thought justice was supposed to be blind? @GM Roper makes a good point. If any one of us non-celebrities did this crap we would be looking at hard time in the slammer. It is too bad how much Lindsay Lohan has drifted downhill. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  • BobF

    There’s no way she will spend 120 days in jail. Celebrities in So. California can do just about anything they want and get away with it.

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