Kipp Rusty Walker Stabs Himself with Live Audience Open Mic Night

Nineteen year old Kpp Rusty Walker took the stage at Strictly Organic Coffee Company in Bend, Oregon and performed “Sorry for all the Mess, on keyboard, and then stabbed himself over and over in the chest. He did not survive. The audience thought it was an act and applauded wildly until they saw him collapse on the floor, lying in his own blood.

Kipp Rusty Walker


Some of Kipp’s friends say he the told them he wanted to kill himself, but said no one knew how to help Walker who was, reportedly, transient. His parents recently took him to a psychiatric facility after one of  Kipp’s friend was told he wanted to kill himself. His parents live in Alaska. He was released soon after entering. Now the facility is being investigated for possible malpractice in treating Walker.

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  • This post, in concert with the one below in Portland, indicate this: we need to send all my f*@!ing Fornicalia Leftist loons up to Oregon; maybe that suicidal thing will take hold on THEM as well. After all, assisted suicide is legal in Oregon. Worse yet, my take: if kids think THESE are “tough times,” they’ll be killing themselves by the legions when the REAL shit hits and their self-esteem isn’t quite as valued. So that kid made his statement. Big deal. Nothing to see here. Move along.


  • What angers me is the reaction of the audience. Even if it was faked there shouldn’t have been applauds. What type of moral degenerate did we raise?

  • There’s no business like show business, is there? I concur with the opinions of BZ & findalis.

  • BZ, findalis and Bob, “coffee houses” have always been breeding places for evil. Once upon a time real musicians played in them before they hit the streets to protest Vietnam. Now it’s open mic night and you can play the keyboard and kill yourself.

    BZ, you have so many loons in California, they wouldn’t begin to fit in Oregon.

  • BZ, when you come here, take a look at my front page and find something interesting. You always come when I have one of my weird posts up:-) I do blog on substance at times.