Kaziah Hancock Paints Fallen Warriors: Kaziah the Goat Woman Paints Heroes

Artist Kaziah Hancock says “I so appreciate good guys.” Kaziah is a Utah artist who paints portraits of our fallen warriors, and sends them to the families, free of cost and full of love. What a grand lady! Be sure you watch the first movie at about 3 minutes in. You will never forget her selfless words or the two videos below.

Kaziah Hancock

Dale Panchot

Kaziah began Project Compassion in 2002. Fewer than 80 service members had been killed in war at that time. She promised to complete a portrait of every one who died in the war. In the second video below you’ll hear that Kaziah has painted 570 portraits.

Project Compassion has five artists: Kaziah, Clarence DeVries (CA), Anne Marie Oborn (UT), JoAnne Musser and Layne Brady. Neighbor Kenna Kay works in the Project Compassion office. Collectively, the project artists have painted over 1,500 portraits.

From Kaziah The Goat Woman (buy a documentary here):

Armed with a paintbrush, oils, and a herd of pregnant goats, Goat rancher Kaziah Hancock has found a way to make sure the faces of our FALLEN SOLDIERS are seen and NEVER FORGOTTEN.

She’s known as an American hero for her extraordinary and gifted work as an artist.
To date Kaziah has personally painted over 800 portraits of our soldiers killed in action as gifts for their families.

Kaziah is known as “the goatwoman.” She has about 100 goats on her ranch at all times, and at all times, about half of them are pregnant. You can buy the documentary and you can donate to Project Compassion at one of the links above.

Trevor Diesing

Chassan Henry

Thanks to Theo Spark for this story. Find incredible videos and commentary at Theo Spark.

Photo Credit: The U.S. Army’s Photostream

Kaziah Hancock Paints our Fallen Warriors (video)

Kaziah and the Project Compassion Artists (video)

  • Just admire the artist and this artist that donate their time and treasure for this cause.

  • David, this certainly brought tears to my eyes. Kaziah’s way of speaking about her passion for this project was so sincere and genuine. One of the videos mentioned that she has had a cancer that left her unable to bear children. Her love for the troops is so apparent.